On Fire for All Things Christ


Words to live by
Words to breathe by

Thank You Lord for deliverance
Thank You Lord for your word
Thank You Lord for purpose in my life
Thank You Lord for showing me the way
Thank You Lord for the little things you’ve already done for me today

Ahh, You are so good
Let me never forget
Let me never back away
Your glory shines
Yes it does

Fill my cup
To overflow
That all I need is in You
That all others see
Is the glory of Your light
Reflecting from within

I have wings
I have angels
I have the Holy Spirit
I have You
I’ve let go of my sin
Laid them all at Your feet
Nailed them to the cross
Where You have redeemed me
Where You showed me Your love
At the cross in Your pain
You took it all for me
You took it away from me

Revived by Your love
Redeemed by Your blood
A new life in me
Living from Your cup
That You took from me
So that I can have a new cup
Filled with love
And not sin
This is the way
Life is to be lived
In freedom from sin
By the Redeemer who redeemed me
With so much love
He did it all for me
It is all done
I am now free


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