On Fire for All Things Christ

The Stir

One night, after getting home fairly late from work, I prepared myself a bowl of cereal for dinner. I know… not much of a dinner, but I didn’t mind. It wasn’t much, but I still gave thanks to God that I had food in my pantry to satisfy my stomach. After giving thanks, I stood there in my kitchen, eating spoonfuls of milk and cold cereal, looking at my patio door. In that moment, a scenario came to my head.

I thought to myself, how humbling and honoring it would be to go to another country and tell others about our savior, Jesus Christ. To be able to bring this knowledge to those who have never heard the glorious name of Jesus before! How I would give up the luxuries and riches I have for the chance to tell the Good News to others. Then I thought… how would the people respond? Would they be as unbelieving as our own self-dependent culture? Will their thoughts fight back with legalistic issues? Will they let their hurt and tainted hearts stand in the way of receiving the gift? What if one of these natives asks me, “Why did you give up all that you had in America to come here and tell us about Christ?”

Tears immediately started to fill my eyes at the thought of why I would give up all the things I have in America for the chance to tell someone about Christ? I would say, “Because, none of those materialistic things in America matter! Those things aren’t important! My fullness comes from the chance to tell YOU about Christ! I left my riches and comforts in America so that YOU too can know who Christ is… YOU were WORTH HIS BLOOD, so YOU are worth me leaving what I had in America!”

Then I thought to myself, that is exactly what Christ did for me! He left all He had in Heaven. He left His Dad, He left His angels, He left His Home, to give me the choice to know Him as savior! Jesus endured the accusations, the beatings, the ruthlessness, the pain, THE CROSS, because I was worth it!! I was worth the beatings, I was worth His pain, I was worth every drop of blood that was shed from His body!

Every time I hear stories about missionaries spreading the Word and Love of God, it stirs something inside my heart. A tension to want to take immediate action. This is an emergency (as songwriter Leeland sings in Tears of the Saints)! Am I doing enough Father? Although You are using me to harvest the fields here, in Houston; in my work place, in my home, in my community – something deeper is also stirring. You have planted a seed deep within my heart and I can sense it growing with passion! When the time comes for You to call me into unknown fields, my arms will be up and waiting. Lord, your servant is here, send me!!

2 Corinthians 8:9
For you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ,
that though He was rich, yet for your sake He became poor,
so that you through His poverty might become rich.


Comments on: "The Stir" (3)

  1. Your fire is like a bonfire … big glow from within. You inspire and shame me! 🙂

  2. WoW!!! You are amazing and I can see God in you.
    You def. need to read the book that I send the link for, you will def. be wanting to purchase a ticket to go spread the Word of God!

  3. beautiful 🙂 I thought the same thing many times; He left home and, for a brief moment when He took my sin on that cross, He also gave up His relationship with the FATHER; Jesus truly gave HIS all for me. His place in Heaven, His relationships, His imortality to come to earth and be rejected and killed; wow!!!! it always amazes me when I think about it; I get homesick away from friends and family and it makes me think “Were YOU this homesick Jesus?” then He answers “Yes, but I knew I was going to bless many” He gives me comfort to know that He has sent me to bless many even if the sadness of leaving loved ones behind gets to me I know it will be more than worth it because it’s all for HIM 🙂 keep writing butterfly, keep fluttering and spreading those wings He gave YOU 🙂

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