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That’s Gold

Little gold nuggets add up to a lot of big gold.

All the little revelations that God reveals to us through His Word, through others, through prayer, etc. are like little gold nuggets that add value to our life. The nuggets stack up in our minds and hearts to be the building of something great inside each of us.

Here’s an illustration: The price of gold is more valuable now than ever before. A friend had just mentioned to me that about 40 years ago the price of gold was $46/oz. The price for gold is currently at $1,315/oz. Makes you think of how much more valuable gold is now than it was before. In relation, it makes me think of how much more valuable the knowledge and revelation of the Lord and His saving grace is now than ever before. The closer we get to the end times, the more people will give value Him.

So, Daddy, rain down your gold upon me. If by specks, or nuggets, or bars, thank You for the gold you’ve brought to my life.

Here’s a chart if you like visuals…


Comments on: "That’s Gold" (2)

  1. Veronica Lyn said:

    Edmee you are one of those that thru Christ rains gold nuggets unto my life! Thank you sister!

  2. I like your analogy about gold building up. God rains gold on me in blessings, family, friends, pets, experiences and His Word and promises. Wow, I can’t complain. God is good … God is better ‘n gold! 🙂

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