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Describe God

In my Theology class, our professor gave us a 30 minute class assignment:
Describe God in less than 20 words.

My answer consisted of many attributes and descriptive words, but it was far from complete in trying to encompass the wholeness of God. It really made me think about how to use words selectively to communicate with high effectiveness and precision. I shared this exercise with my friend, Huios, (for more info on Huios, visit my previous post, Bethel). The other day, he sent me this…

Trying to describe God is like trying to describe Love–words are too clumsy and inadequate. This is why guys give flowers to express their love. Describing an infinite subject with finite words is an exercise in futility. When someone asks – describe God – pick a wildflower instead and give it to them. It is much more effective.

Thanks Huios for sharing your thoughts with me.
His spiritual growth has been so amazing and an honor for me to see! Praise God! I’m so proud of him!


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