On Fire for All Things Christ

Apolegetic Apostles

Yesterday, I discovered something. Or, should I say, the Holy Spirit brought me revelation. But, before I get to that, let me first give you some background info for what lead to my revelation…

This semester, I decided to sign up for two classes at a local Bible college. One of my classes is Theology: “God, Christ & the Holy Spirit.” I signed up for the class with great anticipation that I was going to be guided into the depth of knowledge, love and wisdom of the Holy Trinity! Sounds exciting right!! Well, little did I know that my excitement for “Theology Proper” would turn into an unyielding discontent for the study of Theology in general. “You must see your studies as an act of worship,” the teacher mentioned several times within our first meeting. Something I have miserably failed to attain to.

Let me briefly account how my discontent began to fester. First, I found out that our main text was to be an encyclopedia set of books called Systematic Theology. (Which, I admit, I haven’t read a single page of yet.) Secondly, I found out that there are well over 20+ “arguments” that people have against God that I actually care nothing about. Thirdly, most of class time is spent watching videos of scholars, theologians and other intellects debate the existence of God, the source of moral law & values, the purpose of evil and suffering, etc. These three main things, among a few others, weren’t exactly the ways I expected to learn the love and wisdom knowledge I was seeking. Nonetheless, it explains my drudge. (Maybe I should have taken the recommended, but not required Intro to Theology class. I’m sure that would have given me a clue to what I was getting myself into.)

So now, here I am, I’ve made it through five weeks of class, and the Spirit brought me insight. I prayed for God to reveal to me the purpose of why I was in that class, and He is slowly showing me.

Why argue with those with “world views”? Well, it’s a different type of evangelism. No one is too far from God – whether because they are engulfed in sinfulness, or because their logic and views of religion, life, values and morals are too separate from God. We can all be caught by God’s grace. Amen! Christians can help take skeptics from point A to B – cutting away one point (or letter) at a time and ultimately cutting their system down to where the offering of Christ stands wide open. It is a different type of evangelism, that I must say, doesn’t seem to be the way God is leading me to reach out to, but must be available.

Thank you God for opening my eyes to see it. Lord, bring blessing to those who have the intellect for apolegetics and love and logic to evangelize to the lost who must be convinced through logic and argumentative debates of existence. Help them Lord! (As our Ministry professor often says.) Thank you for them. You have humbled my view from just a few days ago. No one is too far from you.


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