Go Fish

I started going fishing again! : ) Earlier this year, I posted a blog about gone fishing... handing out brown bag meals to the hungry on the side of the streets. I stopped making these bags for a few months, but this weekend, I picked it up again. I was just overflowing with wanting to... Continue Reading →

Christmas Cards

An email was sent out to us at work a few weeks ago asking all the designers to design at least 3 holiday cards. The pressure was on when we all received an email yesterday saying that no one had responded to make contributions. Yikes! I better think of something! So here I am today...... Continue Reading →

The Best Example

Bear with me... this is now the third post I've written in which I mention a lesson on John 13:1-17 that we discussed in class a few weeks ago. So, maybe that means you should go ahead and read the passage now. Or, maybe that's how much the scripture and study impacted me. In my... Continue Reading →

Kneel to Bless

I was on my way to work this morning, and as usual, I had my dial set on 105.7FM to the Urban Alternative. While on the road, I was getting frustrated at the continued red brake lights in front of me. Apparently, there had been an accident, making traffic extra slow. I thought, honestly, it... Continue Reading →

Giving an Example

This observation is from a few months ago, but still worthy of mentioning. I was reminded of it while hearing part of the lesson from today's Back to the Bible broadcast. Woodrow Kroll's lesson was about giving and how kids learn by example. The illustration he mentioned in his lesson reminded me of an example... Continue Reading →

The Reminder in the Towel

I briefly mentioned in one of my previous posts, a lesson covering John 13:1-17 that our professor from CBS taught. This passage in the Bible accounts Jesus washing the disciple’s feet. The lesson's main point was about allowing ourselves to be humble servants to one another and to God. During class, we each discussed the... Continue Reading →

Plain Forgiven

I like this song, Forgiven by Sanctus Real. I remember being in the car with my eight year old nephew one Sunday afternoon and when this song began to play on the radio, I turned the volume up and started singing along to it quite loudly. My nephew is not familiar with Christian music, but... Continue Reading →

Sitting Closer

The first day in my Principles of Biblical Teaching class, I walked in and took a seat next to a friend in the front and center of the room. The class only had seven students, so it wasn't hard to pick her out of the crowd. It was nice to sit next to a familiar... Continue Reading →


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