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Go Fish

I started going fishing again! : )

Earlier this year, I posted a blog about gone fishing… handing out brown bag meals to the hungry on the side of the streets. I stopped making these bags for a few months, but this weekend, I picked it up again. I was just overflowing with wanting to give. (Praise God!!) So, I went to the store, bought some supplies and made some baggies. I loaded them in my car, and I was joyful and ready to distribute!! That same night, I gave the first meal bag away, and today another. God is good and I pray that each bag may fill the stomach and heart of the one receiving it.

In making the meal bags before, I shared some with my sister and my friends, so they too can distribute. My friend now wants to have a get-together so we can make more bags!! What a blessing. Giving that keeps on giving to our hearts and to the lives of those in need.

May the Lord fill you with abundance to give this Christmas season, and all year round!!

A Woman After God’s Own Heart (part 2)

I remember talking with a friend over the phone earlier this year (maybe about 9 months ago) and I was telling him that I wanted to be a woman after God’s heart, like King David. I said, “I don’t want guys to pursue me and I don’t want to pursue guys, I just want to be after God’s heart.” I was proud and boastful in my speaking. I had said this comfortably knowing that I had one, possibly two pursuers pining over me. Distractions, I thought to myself, I don’t need them. If these men weren’t after me, I could focus more on God instead of them. Maybe so, but little did I know that God was going to test my prideful attitude later.

A few weeks ago, on my way to school, the Holy Spirit had me recall this conversation with my friend and He said to me, “I’m having you remember the time that you wanted to be a woman after God’s own heart. Do you remember those prayer requests? Edmee, have you been after My heart?” Grief and sorrow came over me. All Summer, I had been pining is despair over a man’s lost love and I had not sought after God’s heart like I had claimed that I would.

I then remembered again in the late Spring when God had told me, “Your friend will no longer show you that love, but I will.” Those were words I was not ready to hear at that time, and I rejected them. I rejected Him. (read more on this story from previous post: One-on-One)

I know… these thoughts all seem like random bits and pieces, but they connect the dots to a larger picture. And in reflection, I thought about the similarity of my story with Peter’s denial of Jesus. Peter was boastful in his attitude, (Matt 26:33-35). Peter denied Jesus, even though he claimed he never would (Matt 26:69-74). Then, Peter wept at realizing his actions, he was broken. Later, God restored Peter (John 21:15-19). So, just as God restored Peter, I too will be restored past my hurt, failure, and despair to keep on for Christ and to show Him how much I love him. That He know that I love Him!

A Woman After God’s Own Heart (part 1)

For the past few months I had been thinking about marriage a lot – and in particular, this one man.

I was still single and in preparation for marriage I thought to myself, I should read books that will give me some insight on men. I’ll start my reading Wild at Heart: Discovering the Secret of a Man’s Soul by John Eldredge. From this book, I’ll discover the heart of a man and I’ll become better equipped in spirit for when my man comes around. I’ll have better understanding and I’ll know how to respond in situations. I even thought, I’ll get this book on audio so that I can go through it quicker and be ready sooner.

I went to iTunes to make my purchase. I signed in, clicked buy now, but was then prompted that I didn’t have enough for my purchase. Okay, I’ll have to fix this tomorrow. I was being delayed but I was still determined I needed to get this book. After all, this was a well-respected Christian book and there’s nothing wrong with me wanting to get it.

Shortly after being delayed I heard God’s voice within me say, “I don’t want you reading about the heart of men, I want you to read and know about My heart.” Wow, the Holy Spirit was instructing me to pursue God’s heart, not man’s. I didn’t consider my intentions bad, but they were indeed distracting me from focusing on God.

A few weeks later I glanced through the bargain sales at the Christian book store and saw tons of copies of Captivating: Unveiling the Mystery of a Woman (Eldredge’s companion to “Wild at Heart”), but I did not see one copy of “Wild at Heart.” I guess God was still saying no to the book.

We often get caught up in thinking and wanting our desires met instead of leaving that desire in prayer and focusing on God. I do still desire to meet the man that I will soon call my groom, but right now God is saying Jesus is my groom and He wants me to read and know His heart!

Does this story relate to anything you may be going through or have gone through personally? Are you focusing on the right things beloved?

Christmas Cards

An email was sent out to us at work a few weeks ago asking all the designers to design at least 3 holiday cards. The pressure was on when we all received an email yesterday saying that no one had responded to make contributions. Yikes! I better think of something!

So here I am today… still at the office past 8pm, voluntarily designing “Holiday cards” for our company and having fun with it! I lost track of time in my enjoyment.

I really like the cards I designed. They are simple, different and convey meaning. However, they could be scrutinized given a work environment, since they are Christian related. (I’m not sure how the principals of the company will respond to that, but I’ll provide an update as I know more.) No doubt, if they get chosen for display, someone will like them and use them as their own!

Here are a few that I made. Check them out and let me know what you think.

Once the cards are up on our website, I’ll post the link to download them. Seeing what all the other designers come up with is probably going to be really neat to see too!!

Happy Thanksgiving!
In Christ

PS: Thanks for the Christmas card ideas God! : )

The Best Example

Bear with me… this is now the third post I’ve written in which I mention a lesson on John 13:1-17 that we discussed in class a few weeks ago. So, maybe that means you should go ahead and read the passage now. Or, maybe that’s how much the scripture and study impacted me.

In my own opinion, exegetically studying God’s Word is always going to be impactful. God doesn’t want to hold back His Word from us, He wants to reveal it’s meaning to us, and He brings revelation to those who seek it. Amen!!

Okay, so after reading and studying this passage in John, and hearing my classmates’ and the professor’s lesson, I was definitely stirred. Not all at once, but gradually through the week of study and the week that followed as I continued to meditate on the scripture’s meaning. The studying, the lessons, the meditating, all built up in me a clearer vision into the person of Jesus. How cool is that!!??

Often at work, I listen to the New Testament Bible on audio at random. But, before and after the lesson on John 13, I felt led to listen to the Book of John in sequence. (Since we are also going through the Book of John at church, it was a two-fold refresher.) While listening to the Gospel after the lesson was all done, I was just amazed by how much more intently I was really hearing the Word. It was like I was at another level of learning. The life of Jesus on Earth was now really clicking in my head. I remember thinking, wow, Jesus really did tell everyone who He was. He was speaking plainly. Why did they not understand? If they knew the Old Testament scriptures, why didn’t they accept Jesus as the Son of God?

I’m still left in awe at the whole nature of Jesus. His obedience to the Father is quite the example to follow! His trust in the Father is a trust I want too. His humbleness, I humble myself for. His prayer life, His compassion, His mercy, everything I heard just touched my mind and my heart more deeply. And even His works. And to think that our works will be even greater than His (John 14:12). How awesome is that!!?? Praise God that we live in a time of post-Jesus-on-Earth. Praise God for the example of Jesus that we have in Scripture to follow!!

Note: if you are curious to read my other posts regarding the lessons from John 13, here are the links: “The Reminder in the Towel” and “Humble Ann.”

Kneel to Bless

I was on my way to work this morning, and as usual, I had my dial set on 105.7FM to the Urban Alternative. While on the road, I was getting frustrated at the continued red brake lights in front of me. Apparently, there had been an accident, making traffic extra slow. I thought, honestly, it is a holiday week, there are less cars on the morning rush, but more accidents. (Never mind that I left the house later than usual thinking that I would get to work quicker due to less car congestion.)

Despite my frustration from averaging 30 miles an hour, I knew God had me on the slow down for a reason. This was His little way of telling me that everything is being orchestrated so that I will still be sitting in the car, listening to programming that I normally wouldn’t be in the car for. With that, I was able to listen to the full broadcast of Back to the Bible this morning. : ) (Yes, now I’m getting to the point of my writing this.)

The discussion was addressing the difference between praise and worship. I intently listened, since this subject fascinates me! Within the discussion, Woodrow defined some key words from Psalm 95:6. “Worship,” “bow down,” and “kneel.” Here is what he explained…

The word for worship is shachah and that means literally to bow down; it means to prostrate yourself. It means to fall on your face.

The word for bow down is karah. And that means to fall down or crouch. It means to be subdued.

And the word for kneel, barak means, are you ready for this? To bless. It’s the blessing of God. It’s being on your knees, bending the knee in a way that you bless God.

In hearing, I remembered that I had actually heard this definition of kneel before. (Hmm, interesting.) It’s as if the Holy Spirit was trying to remind me. Barak is Hebrew for kneel. When we kneel and pray to God, we bless Him. How amazing is that! For me, this brings me confirmation to kneel more for God. I had had this on my mind for weeks. I admit, I’ve been flippant in all my worship to God. I have not been bowing down or kneeling, but instead, I pray in the comfort of whatever position I’m already in. Whether sitting in front of the computer at work, or lying down before sleeping. Wow, I almost love the conviction from this because I’m no longer wondering if I should be kneeling, but instead, I’m reassured of what I need to be doing. Kneeling to God, to bless Him!

How often we fall under the culturally acceptable way of doing things instead of His intended way. (This was the topic of our discussion in class a few months ago in studying 2 Samuel 6:1-7.) Church culture accepts us to stand instead of kneel, and I think this has made its way into our alone time with God too. I had been praying to God that I may know more of His way in doing things, instead of the culture’s way. And, He is answering my prayers! Praise God! I continue to pray that He may reveal His full truth to us, and that we may change and respond in full obedience.

I don’t say this to proud myself, but in learning this this morning, I’ve already prayed twice on my knees today. I hope I remember keep this lesson in mind as I continue to deepen my relationship with Him.

Please listen/read the rest of the Back to the Bible broadcast if you can. The lesson had many really good points of discussion, in which I only mentioned a few.

Blessings to you all my beloved!

Giving an Example

This observation is from a few months ago, but still worthy of mentioning. I was reminded of it while hearing part of the lesson from today’s Back to the Bible broadcast. Woodrow Kroll’s lesson was about giving and how kids learn by example. The illustration he mentioned in his lesson reminded me of an example of giving that I learned from watching kids a few months ago.

My nephew is of special needs and this past Summer, we enrolled him to play little league baseball. The Green Machines was the name of his team. The first game I attended to support and watch him play was so cute. Although, I was a little confused to figure out which teams were actually gearing to play because during warm-up there were so many kids out on the field. I asked my sister about it and she said that since the kids are special needs, they each have an assigned “buddy” from another baseball team to help them warm-up and play through the game.

After learning this, I was just floored with emotion to see how helpful these “buddies” were to all the special needs players. You see, some of the special needs kids couldn’t really hold the bat right. They were not the best at catching the balls, and some were on wheelchairs and couldn’t hold a bat in their own hands. Why would parents have these kids playing baseball you might ask. I’ll tell you!!! Even though some of the kids couldn’t hit the ball on their own, nothing brought me more joy than to see the excitement on their faces as they played and engaged in the game. The facial expression of the boy in the wheel chair when he had his “buddy” hit the ball and then push him around the diamond was one I’ll never forget. The boy had the biggest smile on his face as he caught the wind on his face from his “buddy” pushing his chair at record speed. We all cheered!.

I thought to myself, wow, it is so cool that these “buddies” participate in helping the special needs kids play a game of ball. Growing up, I don’t recall activities like this. How wonderful that today’s generation of children get to bring smiles to the kids in such a big way.

Watching the Green Machines play with guidance from their “buddies” was a giving experience for me! They say that kids learn by example. I am a child of God, and I too learn by example. To this day, I am still blessed to have seen such an example of giving from the “buddies.”

Below is a photo of the 2010 Green Machines Little League Baseball Team with their “buddies” for the game.

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