On Fire for All Things Christ

My Heart Sings

I use to hate singing in terms of a talent. I remember the 80s talent show, Star Search. I enjoyed the dancing skits the best, but I always thought it was boring to just listen to someone sing. What was so amazing about that? Dancing was so much more fun to watch! But, I give God all the praise that He’s opening my eyes, (or should I say ears) to hear the glory of such glorious talent.

Over the past years, (mostly this year), I’ve very much grown to deeply love to sing more and more. Seeing singers on stage, singing their heart out to God with fullness in passion completely blows me away too!! Funny, last year, I remember a specific dream where I was singing on stage. Crazy… yes, I know! I was on a stage, and I was singing with fullness in passion to God. My voice was resonating. It filled the waves with passion, love and glory to the Most High. A love song to God. There was an audience, and they were all looking at me in amazement, as if asking, who is this woman that is singing? And, I recall that in my dream even I was amazed at how beautiful and powerfully I was singing. I was thinking God, what’s going on? What are we doing? I’m completely in awe with what You are doing with me here. This is You singing through me.

You see, normally I sing when I’m by myself, as most of us do in the shower, or in the car. I sing to God a lot when I’m by myself, and of course at church or any sort of event alike. I love going to a church like Lakewood and being in a mass of others who want to sing just as loudly as I do and raise their hands in surrender. I’ve broken out of my shell in shyness of singing and I’m more open, because I want to praise God, and this is one way I want to do it. If I am doing it for God, then I’m all about it. : )

But, what struck me about my dream is that, well, I have a regular voice, and in my dream, I had a heavenly singing voice. I don’t sing up on stage. I mean, I haven’t done that since I was in the elementary school choir in 5th grade. I liked to sing, but I was just average.

Well, now it’s like God is birthing this passion in me, and I’m not sure what He wants to do with it through me, but I’ll trust and see. It was also heart warming when my brother-in-law recognized that I love to sing. I sure do. And I sure do hope and pray that God may continue to grow me in singing to praise Him. I love to sing because I love my God, and I love to sing for my God.

In Christ Love.

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