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Bear Hugs

This morning, as I got ready for work, I was speaking with God and I was telling Him how much I really wanted a good, big bear hug. You know, one of those really sincere, meaningful hugs that speaks louder than words. Well, little did I know that today, I would be the one giving the hug instead.

It was a tough morning at the office this rainy Thursday. I came in earlier than usual, since I had a client meeting to be get ready for. As I walked in and rounded the corner to my office, down the hall, I saw our IT guy speaking with another office mate. I made a comment, “Jackie, did you break your computer again?” Both her and Chad replied, no. Then Jackie sincerely said, “Edmee, come here.” Her face was red when I looked at her, I could tell something was wrong. She then told me that she had just been let go from the company. I gave her a big hug. I was very sad. Immediately, I started to think about the bright side of things. This is an open door of good things… you’ll have more time for little Richie and big Richard when he comes home from his long trips. As I walked out, she was taking down the wall photos that I had always caught a glimpse of in passing through the hallway the past three years.

When I returned from my meeting, one of the partners sat down with me to inform me about what had occurred while I had been out. It turned out that a total of four fellow co-workers had been let go do to a company restructure. That’s quite a number for a company of 25. My very good friend and sister-in-Christ, Ann was among them. This job (as for many) was like her home away from home, her second family so to speak. She’d been with the company for well over 13 years and she was one of the first to truly welcome me in. This year, God had really been doing a work in both of us to draw us closer to Him and to each other, and the office was a breeding ground for us. She has helped me through thick and thin this year in all the “pruning” stages God has been restructuring me for.

Situations like this make me think… just as companies evaluate and restructure, we too need to evaluate and restructure our lives to be more effective for Christ. The decisions made by the partners were not easy. The friends who were let go were exactly that, friends. It was not that their work was sub par, it was that the company is shifting and certain positions just wouldn’t be right to keep any more. As I say good bye to my friends, I pray the best for them. I know God will open new and better doors for them, in their careers and in other areas of life.

Like my Creative Director said, this may sound hallow given the circumstances, but in the long run, it will be best. I can’t help but think of this in terms of how our Heavenly Father works in our lives as well. Making the employee cuts wasn’t easy. Just like making cuts out of things/people in our lives isn’t easy, but there will spring forth good out of what we can’t see right now.

We trust and hope in the Lord.


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  1. At first I was shocked and sad. Then I was hopeful and proclaiming and believing that just as God has been faithful in answering long-held prayers and moving in my life, so He would move once again. This morning I was told of the comment of our pastor that I will experience sadness by not seeing my friends, my work family, as much. Right away I became sad. Later as I shared my faith and God’s goodness to me, I got excited again! Can you say roller-coaster? Tomorrow is likely my last day. Turning in the keys, no longer an employee after 13-1/2 years, brings me sadness. But it also frees me to move on, to see other friends, plant flowers, enjoy the holidays, maybe even decorate this year (I’m usually very busy at work before the holidays). I anticipate great things from Our Father. God is good … *all* the time! Others at work are witnessing His power in my life, hallelujah! But I will miss seeing my friend Edmee. 🙂 Love ya Little Sis. Glad God got us together.

    • Yes, grieving is quite a roller coaster ride. Know that God is next to you through it all, the ups and the downs. And, He’s given us ears to listen, so I’m hear to lend an ear and listen, or just give a big bear hug. Love you too Ann.

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