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Humble Ann

This week in our Principles of Biblical Teaching class at CBS, we did some homework to discuss John 13:1-17. This passage in the Bible accounts Jesus washing the disciple’s feet. The main lesson to consider in the passage is to humbly be willing to serve God and others.

During class, we each discussed the main points of the lesson as we would teach it. I must say, I was very proud of all my classmates as they each presented their lesson interpretations. The Holy Spirit sure has brought us a long way! (Praise You Lord!!) Later, our professor gave his teaching on the lesson, which never disappoints! His lesson was very meaningful and impactful and gave me much to think about.

With that on my mind (being a humble servant to God and others), the next day, I went to work. We had a company meeting that afternoon, and as I sat waiting for the meeting to start, I thought about my dear friend and co-worker, Ann. I thought to myself, Ann, you are a humble servant. Without complain or second thought, she serves the random needs of each person at the office (about 25 of us). Most of the time, she’s the one who thinks to close the blinds during presentations, or she pulls in all the extra chairs for us in the conference room, she prepares any needs for client meetings, she organizes the holiday celebrations or anniversary activities, and so on. And, this is just a few of hundreds of things she does for us around the office that most everyone fails to notice.

My friend Ann comes to mind when I think of a humble servant. For several years, she took care of her elderly parents on weekends until their passing (not an easy thing to do, I’m sure you know.) She is always doing so many thoughtful things for others and I pray that one day I may be as humble-hearted in serving as she. Ann, thank you for giving me a perspective in servanthood that I look up to. May Christ continue to bless you in all that you humble yourself for.


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  1. Oh wow, Edmee, i am humbled to hear this, you’re my teacher in knowing the goodness of God and you challenge me to draw closer to Him. Keep it up Sister! :))

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