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Sitting Closer

The first day in my Principles of Biblical Teaching class, I walked in and took a seat next to a friend in the front and center of the room. The class only had seven students, so it wasn’t hard to pick her out of the crowd. It was nice to sit next to a familiar face, but I didn’t like sitting in the front because I felt like I had my back to everyone else and that the teacher was somewhat towering right over us. So, next class I decided to sit by myself in a table to the back and right. I felt much better there. It gave the whole seating arrangement between everyone a sort of semicircle look. I liked that much better, especially for such a small group.

Why am I writing about such a mundane thing you may ask. Well, I guess I’m writing it because throughout the semester, I’ve noticed that we have all been gradually sitting closer to each other. One day, one girl decided to move closer to the middle, then, since she was sitting by herself, another classmate decided to change seats and sit with her. Well, it had me want to go sit with my other classmate, so I wouldn’t be so far away from everyone. So, in the end, instead of us all being spread out, we sat closer together.

For some reason, this has been on my mind. How wonderful for us to sit closer together. Why is it that most of the time, we choose differently. We are hesitant in taking a seat next to someone, thinking that they will bother us or that we will be uncomfortable. We rather sit alone and spread out then sit next to someone and engage with them. Well, I write this in observation, since I’ve been doing a lot of that lately. I give thanks to the Holy Spirit who somehow brought our class closer together. Hopefully not just physically by where we sit, but in relationship too. Lord, as I come to know you more, I want to sit as close to you as possible and engage with you like we engage with each other. Not in hesitation, but in preference.

Be blessed my beloved! : )


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  1. I find it quite ironic to mention that in the classroom mentioned above, sitting closer together was optional, but in our office, we are kinda being forced to sit closer together. (We just found this out last week.) Therefore, I am loosing my cute little office space with corner windows and I will be moving upstairs to share an open cubicle with another designer. I grunted a bit when I found out that I’d have to consolidate my things. The company wants all its designers to sit closer together in one area so we can be more collaborative. I’ll be rubbing elbows (I say that almost quite literally) with my new office mate, Anna. I’m sure it will be a nice change and it will be much better for us as we engage with one another more throughout the day.

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