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Giving an Example

This observation is from a few months ago, but still worthy of mentioning. I was reminded of it while hearing part of the lesson from today’s Back to the Bible broadcast. Woodrow Kroll’s lesson was about giving and how kids learn by example. The illustration he mentioned in his lesson reminded me of an example of giving that I learned from watching kids a few months ago.

My nephew is of special needs and this past Summer, we enrolled him to play little league baseball. The Green Machines was the name of his team. The first game I attended to support and watch him play was so cute. Although, I was a little confused to figure out which teams were actually gearing to play because during warm-up there were so many kids out on the field. I asked my sister about it and she said that since the kids are special needs, they each have an assigned “buddy” from another baseball team to help them warm-up and play through the game.

After learning this, I was just floored with emotion to see how helpful these “buddies” were to all the special needs players. You see, some of the special needs kids couldn’t really hold the bat right. They were not the best at catching the balls, and some were on wheelchairs and couldn’t hold a bat in their own hands. Why would parents have these kids playing baseball you might ask. I’ll tell you!!! Even though some of the kids couldn’t hit the ball on their own, nothing brought me more joy than to see the excitement on their faces as they played and engaged in the game. The facial expression of the boy in the wheel chair when he had his “buddy” hit the ball and then push him around the diamond was one I’ll never forget. The boy had the biggest smile on his face as he caught the wind on his face from his “buddy” pushing his chair at record speed. We all cheered!.

I thought to myself, wow, it is so cool that these “buddies” participate in helping the special needs kids play a game of ball. Growing up, I don’t recall activities like this. How wonderful that today’s generation of children get to bring smiles to the kids in such a big way.

Watching the Green Machines play with guidance from their “buddies” was a giving experience for me! They say that kids learn by example. I am a child of God, and I too learn by example. To this day, I am still blessed to have seen such an example of giving from the “buddies.”

Below is a photo of the 2010 Green Machines Little League Baseball Team with their “buddies” for the game.


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