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The Reminder in the Towel

I briefly mentioned in one of my previous posts, a lesson covering John 13:1-17 that our professor from CBS taught. This passage in the Bible accounts Jesus washing the disciple’s feet. The lesson’s main point was about allowing ourselves to be humble servants to one another and to God.

During class, we each discussed the main points of the lesson as we would each teach it. Later, our professor (Prof. Guy Jackson) gave us his teaching on the passage. He titled his lesson, The Secret in the Towel. (I must mention here that his lessons are always quite impacting and amazing.)

At the end of his lesson, he gave us each a cut strip of towel as a take away, a little symbolic token to help us remember to be humble servants, like Jesus. The professor mentioned that he keeps his strip of towel on his key chain, and whenever he puts his hand in his pocket, he feels the strip of towel and it functions to remind him about servanthood.

For a moment, I thought about where would be the most effective place for me to keep this little strip of towel. Among our table, we discussed it.

In that discussion, one of my friends excitingly turned to me to tell me about the sermon she had heard at church the past Sunday, to which the pastor told the congregation – every time you walk through a door frame, pray, “God increase You and decrease me” as a way to remind yourself to live more like Christ. (read more about this lesson here)

I thought to myself, wow, that’s really good! I’m going to remember to do that! So, interestingly, since my friend had told me this at the same time as we were discussing what we were going to do with our strip of towel, for me, the strip of towel now had a two-fold reminder. One, from our class lesson – to be a humble servant like Jesus to others and to God. Two, from the sermon my friend shared – to pray, “God increase You and decrease me.”

So, like my professor, I also carry my strip of towel on my key chain. Ironically, it functions as a great reminder when I walk through doors to pray, “Lord, increase You and decrease me! I see the towel when I unlock the door to my house, when I unlock the door to our office building and even when I unlock the door to my car and start the ignition. I pray everywhere I go, “Lord, increase You and decrease me.” And, I’m also reminded to be humble in service every place I go.

A few days after our lesson, I told my friend that I was carrying the strip of towel on my key chain. She told me hers was temporarily in her Bible as a book mark so that it won’t get dirty. I replied, you know, I kinda thought about not getting mine dirty either, but, I was overruled in my thoughts. Because, it’s okay if the strip of towel gets dirty. When Jesus humbly washed the feet of the disciples, His towel got dirty. And that in itself is a message to consider – in humble servanthood, we must be willing to do the dirty work, as this is the “key” to being blessed. (John 13:17)


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