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Kneel to Bless

I was on my way to work this morning, and as usual, I had my dial set on 105.7FM to the Urban Alternative. While on the road, I was getting frustrated at the continued red brake lights in front of me. Apparently, there had been an accident, making traffic extra slow. I thought, honestly, it is a holiday week, there are less cars on the morning rush, but more accidents. (Never mind that I left the house later than usual thinking that I would get to work quicker due to less car congestion.)

Despite my frustration from averaging 30 miles an hour, I knew God had me on the slow down for a reason. This was His little way of telling me that everything is being orchestrated so that I will still be sitting in the car, listening to programming that I normally wouldn’t be in the car for. With that, I was able to listen to the full broadcast of Back to the Bible this morning. : ) (Yes, now I’m getting to the point of my writing this.)

The discussion was addressing the difference between praise and worship. I intently listened, since this subject fascinates me! Within the discussion, Woodrow defined some key words from Psalm 95:6. “Worship,” “bow down,” and “kneel.” Here is what he explained…

The word for worship is shachah and that means literally to bow down; it means to prostrate yourself. It means to fall on your face.

The word for bow down is karah. And that means to fall down or crouch. It means to be subdued.

And the word for kneel, barak means, are you ready for this? To bless. It’s the blessing of God. It’s being on your knees, bending the knee in a way that you bless God.

In hearing, I remembered that I had actually heard this definition of kneel before. (Hmm, interesting.) It’s as if the Holy Spirit was trying to remind me. Barak is Hebrew for kneel. When we kneel and pray to God, we bless Him. How amazing is that! For me, this brings me confirmation to kneel more for God. I had had this on my mind for weeks. I admit, I’ve been flippant in all my worship to God. I have not been bowing down or kneeling, but instead, I pray in the comfort of whatever position I’m already in. Whether sitting in front of the computer at work, or lying down before sleeping. Wow, I almost love the conviction from this because I’m no longer wondering if I should be kneeling, but instead, I’m reassured of what I need to be doing. Kneeling to God, to bless Him!

How often we fall under the culturally acceptable way of doing things instead of His intended way. (This was the topic of our discussion in class a few months ago in studying 2 Samuel 6:1-7.) Church culture accepts us to stand instead of kneel, and I think this has made its way into our alone time with God too. I had been praying to God that I may know more of His way in doing things, instead of the culture’s way. And, He is answering my prayers! Praise God! I continue to pray that He may reveal His full truth to us, and that we may change and respond in full obedience.

I don’t say this to proud myself, but in learning this this morning, I’ve already prayed twice on my knees today. I hope I remember keep this lesson in mind as I continue to deepen my relationship with Him.

Please listen/read the rest of the Back to the Bible broadcast if you can. The lesson had many really good points of discussion, in which I only mentioned a few.

Blessings to you all my beloved!


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