On Fire for All Things Christ

Christmas Cards

An email was sent out to us at work a few weeks ago asking all the designers to design at least 3 holiday cards. The pressure was on when we all received an email yesterday saying that no one had responded to make contributions. Yikes! I better think of something!

So here I am today… still at the office past 8pm, voluntarily designing “Holiday cards” for our company and having fun with it! I lost track of time in my enjoyment.

I really like the cards I designed. They are simple, different and convey meaning. However, they could be scrutinized given a work environment, since they are Christian related. (I’m not sure how the principals of the company will respond to that, but I’ll provide an update as I know more.) No doubt, if they get chosen for display, someone will like them and use them as their own!

Here are a few that I made. Check them out and let me know what you think.

Once the cards are up on our website, I’ll post the link to download them. Seeing what all the other designers come up with is probably going to be really neat to see too!!

Happy Thanksgiving!
In Christ

PS: Thanks for the Christmas card ideas God! : )


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