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The Best Example

Bear with me… this is now the third post I’ve written in which I mention a lesson on John 13:1-17 that we discussed in class a few weeks ago. So, maybe that means you should go ahead and read the passage now. Or, maybe that’s how much the scripture and study impacted me.

In my own opinion, exegetically studying God’s Word is always going to be impactful. God doesn’t want to hold back His Word from us, He wants to reveal it’s meaning to us, and He brings revelation to those who seek it. Amen!!

Okay, so after reading and studying this passage in John, and hearing my classmates’ and the professor’s lesson, I was definitely stirred. Not all at once, but gradually through the week of study and the week that followed as I continued to meditate on the scripture’s meaning. The studying, the lessons, the meditating, all built up in me a clearer vision into the person of Jesus. How cool is that!!??

Often at work, I listen to the New Testament Bible on audio at random. But, before and after the lesson on John 13, I felt led to listen to the Book of John in sequence. (Since we are also going through the Book of John at church, it was a two-fold refresher.) While listening to the Gospel after the lesson was all done, I was just amazed by how much more intently I was really hearing the Word. It was like I was at another level of learning. The life of Jesus on Earth was now really clicking in my head. I remember thinking, wow, Jesus really did tell everyone who He was. He was speaking plainly. Why did they not understand? If they knew the Old Testament scriptures, why didn’t they accept Jesus as the Son of God?

I’m still left in awe at the whole nature of Jesus. His obedience to the Father is quite the example to follow! His trust in the Father is a trust I want too. His humbleness, I humble myself for. His prayer life, His compassion, His mercy, everything I heard just touched my mind and my heart more deeply. And even His works. And to think that our works will be even greater than His (John 14:12). How awesome is that!!?? Praise God that we live in a time of post-Jesus-on-Earth. Praise God for the example of Jesus that we have in Scripture to follow!!

Note: if you are curious to read my other posts regarding the lessons from John 13, here are the links: “The Reminder in the Towel” and “Humble Ann.”


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