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Go Fish

I started going fishing again! : )

Earlier this year, I posted a blog about gone fishing… handing out brown bag meals to the hungry on the side of the streets. I stopped making these bags for a few months, but this weekend, I picked it up again. I was just overflowing with wanting to give. (Praise God!!) So, I went to the store, bought some supplies and made some baggies. I loaded them in my car, and I was joyful and ready to distribute!! That same night, I gave the first meal bag away, and today another. God is good and I pray that each bag may fill the stomach and heart of the one receiving it.

In making the meal bags before, I shared some with my sister and my friends, so they too can distribute. My friend now wants to have a get-together so we can make more bags!! What a blessing. Giving that keeps on giving to our hearts and to the lives of those in need.

May the Lord fill you with abundance to give this Christmas season, and all year round!!


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  1. God bless You and may this ideas go a long way..

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