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Jesus’ Christmas

Last week I posted a preview of four Christmas card designs (see here) that I made for a work project, and I mentioned that I would give all my readers an update once the cards were reviewed by our head chiefs (the bosses).

Well, today I found out that those four card designs were not chosen for display. I was hopeful, but figured that may happen given that my ideas were too Christian for the work environment. However, no need to be melancholy!!! There is Good News (pun intended)!! The “Savage Holiday Card Shop” did approve one of my other cards!! And better yet, that one card has the full Christmas story straight from the Gospel! Praise God, they actually approved the most important card of all!! Sweet!!

So, for all Jesus fans who would like to share/use my Christmas card designs, I am posting them all below as downloadable, print-ready PDFs. All you need to do is:

1. Select a card to download
2. Pick a nice (thick) paper to print onto
3. Print
4. Cut
5. Fold
6. Fill in the blanks (or have your recipient fill it in)
7. Share the love of Christ

“Happy” (download print-ready PDF)

“Way” (download print-friendly PDF)

“North” (download print-friendly PDF)

“Xmas” (download print-friendly PDF)

“Birth of Jesus” (download print-friendly PDF)


Comments on: "Jesus’ Christmas" (4)

  1. Congrats, I like all your cards, I’m happy the scripture was submitted and approved!

    • Thanks Ann. Yes, I’m happy too that the company chose the Christmas story card to display! Although some may say that making these cards to submit at work was risky, I didn’t want to back away from the idea, or from Christ Himself.

      I remember someone telling me that when we never ask or attempt something, the answer will always be no. So, I at least attempted it. The answer ended up being a “no” to some, and a “yes” to one. Had I not submitted any of my cards, the answer would have been “no” because there was no attempt. So, I have no regrets for trying. I’m glad I pushed through without worrying about what/how others may judge.

      To Jesus be the glory!!

  2. When I was in jr high, our pastor gave a message to our junior high assembly about not writing Xmas, which takes the Christ out of Christmas. Ever since then for many years I’ve never written Xmas, always taking the time to write Christmas. I was glad to see your card addressing this. But I’ll still probably keep writing out Christ in Christmas. 🙂

  3. I like the XMas one. I didn’t know that! 🙂

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