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Canvases for Expression

Sometimes I think, why do I write this blog? There’s already so much literature in the world to support God and things relating to him, why do I want to add to the vast array? My Nurture and Take Root pages comes to mind. But also what comes to my mind is the art of Jackson Pollock.

Jackson Pollock’s paintings are often ridiculed by non-artsy types because his paintings look like paint flung onto canvas. Many may say, “I can do that!” or, “My 5-year-old can make better art than that big mess!” The point is, Pollock actually had the idea and made the paintings. Yes, others could have made similar, random art like him, but how many attempted to actually do so?

I say this in the midst of my doubts for writing. I know that I’m not the best writer. I’m not famous for my insight. I probably write things that you already know about, and you could possibly even written them better than me. My question is, have you made an attempt? Have you shared or expressed your experiences and revelations of Christ to others? We could all possibly write similar testimonies, but your story has its own fingerprint on it that may touch someone in way no one else can.

So, I encourage you! Express your revelations, testimonies and experiences of God to others in whatever way God has for you!! It could be through writing, speaking, painting, dancing, the list is endless. What is your canvas? As quoted by Hiedi Baker, “Pick me up like a paintbrush and paint, Lord!”

Jackson Pollock:
Art Experts
Expression of an Age


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  1. I love this thought … what is your canvas. You’re inspiring me to experiment to find mine.

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