Learning in Suffering

In these first few weeks of January 2011, I have read and listened to many messages referencing suffering and/or struggles. This topic is surely a heavy one upon the body of Christ at this moment. Undoubtedly, at some point in our own personal lives, suffering or struggles have fallen as heavy yokes upon our shoulders.... Continue Reading →

A Ministry Revealed

Last Friday, I was sitting at my work computer getting ready to finish the day. I struggled in deciding what I was going to do that evening. I was going to either 1) volunteer/minister at the Harris County jail, (as I had done the past two Friday nights), or 2) write for my blog. I... Continue Reading →

The Gospel at Work

The other day, I discovered that HFBC had made the images from their mission's calendar available as desktop wallpapers. That's kinda neat I thought, so I decided to switch my desktop image at work to the January wallpaper. But, I actually have two monitors at the office, so I excitedly got the idea to ask... Continue Reading →

Unveiling Opportunity

Sometimes, on breaks from work, I like to take the opportunity and go for a walk outside. As I walk, I sometimes make my way to the St. Basil Chapel at the University of St. Thomas that is just a few blocks away. Although the chapel doesn't have the warm atmosphere and lighting in the... Continue Reading →

Brown Paper Bag Story

Last night, I pulled this bag out of the bag holder in our pantry (which is very close to the bottom cabinet of the sink). I stuffed it with some items that I am getting ready to donate to the Food Pantry/Clothes Closet. In looking at the bag, I read the message and it made... Continue Reading →

Trust through Trials

Yesterday, I heard a sermon message covering John 6:16-24. This is the scene where the disciples were trying to row their way through a storm in a lake at 3am in the morning. The disciples struggled with their oars through the winds and rough waters to get to the other side of the lake. (This... Continue Reading →

Transforming Prince

For Christmas, a friend lovingly gave me a "Magic Frog-to-Prince" gag gift. I looked at it, laughed and smiled. My friend knew that for a while I had been feeling down about the ending of a past relationship, and she thought this little gift would be perfect to lift my spirits. What a sweet gesture... Continue Reading →

Afire Within

Icon for the Holy Spirit While doing research for my theology paper on the Holy Spirit, I came across this icon on the title page of my Pneumatology book (See icon below to the left). Looking at all its intricacies, I observed the icon for a few minutes. (As a designer, that's what I like... Continue Reading →


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