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Brown Paper Bag Story

Last night, I pulled this bag out of the bag holder in our pantry (which is very close to the bottom cabinet of the sink). I stuffed it with some items that I am getting ready to donate to the Food Pantry/Clothes Closet. In looking at the bag, I read the message and it made me laugh. I hope this cute little message from the bag also makes you smile. 🙂 And, I hope that the brown bag remembers when it was used to hold items for donation!

Let us also remember the times that God picks us up and we become useful for His work. Like my friend taught from one of Max Lucado’s books…
1) Are you in the pile (not being used)?
2) Are you on the anvil (being shaped by God)?
3) Are you in the hands of God (being used for His work)?

Do you have a short story that you remember of when God used you? Maybe your story goes something like this…

I am a child of God. More than likely, I am at church with a few of my friends. I might get caught up in a storm or trial, or just be a shoulder for a friend in need. It would be nice if I went out to the mission field and told the Good News to others. I’d like to be a missionary. But whatever happens, I will never forget the day God told me who He was and of my Home in Heaven!


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  1. I am a child of God. I thought it would be fairly easy for me to think about a story describing an event of when God used me. Unfortunately, everything I’ve done appeared small and mediocre. Then it I thought of her, my precious daughter. Through unfortunate circumstances I became a single father caring for an infant little girl. I hardly knew what to do. I prayed and rose to the occasion. Diaper changes, formula feeding, and sleepless nights. I needed to be strong and attentive. I made sure I brought her to Sunday school every week. I carried her in my arms during praise and worship. I prayed a blessing over her every night(which I still do). Most importantly, I had to become a more godly example for her to follow. Four years have passed, she is in pre-school, and her teachers compliment her upbringing, especially since she is known to evangelize her class mates. I felt good. God is using me in her life. Through all this God called me to prepare for pastoral ministry. So I began my college journey as a single father, full time worker, and now full time bible student. I have class three times a week and usually work 6 days a week. Beside work and school I devote all of my time to my daughter. It has made our time together so much more meaningful. I am modeling a godly example for her. Then it dawned on me. I wasn’t being primarily used by God to bring her up. On the contrary He was using her to bring me up to a higher plain of maturity. He raised the bar in such a way that it moved me to reach higher, push harder, and grow taller. For that I am grateful. Thus, in all your hardships and unfortunate circumstances remember God is developing a quality in you that will turn you into a trophy of grace, and I hope you will rise to the occasion as well.

    • Amen! This is an awesome and touching story! Thanks for sharing it!

      • Thank you, it’s the least I can do. You are always willing to share your life and experiences through your writing. I just want to return the favor and give you the opportunity to read and enjoy the transparency of a fellow child of God:)

  2. I liked reading your story, especially how God is bringing you up by using your daughter in your life. Your story blessed me, Eduardo. Thanks for being willing to share it.

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