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The Gospel at Work

The other day, I discovered that HFBC had made the images from their mission’s calendar available as desktop wallpapers. That’s kinda neat I thought, so I decided to switch my desktop image at work to the January wallpaper. But, I actually have two monitors at the office, so I excitedly got the idea to ask my designer friend if he could hook me up with some additional artwork from the church. I sent my friend an email and within minutes he replied back with the artwork and a message. His reply made me chuckle, so I am posting it here for you to chuckle at too. (Note: the Company I work for is called Savage, hence his reference below.)

Are you going to put this on your desktop at Savage and try to spread the gospel at work? You’re like a missionary going into the jungle spreading the gospel to “Savages.”

Yes my friend, I am letting God direct a path (as the artwork below shows) to spread the Word through the Savage jungle (the office). Although currently God is not calling me to share the Good News far away, my mission field is in every place that the Lord has placed me now. With that, I delight in using simple things (like my computer desktop) to glorify Him. May you also delight in using the simple treasures that God has given you to glorify Him!

Below are just a handful of simple ways to allow the Gospel to work from where you are:
• Write scripture references on the back window of your car
• Let your voice mail recording be a Godly message
• Use scripture or a Godly message as your email signature

Artwork from HFBC


Comments on: "The Gospel at Work" (1)

  1. To me, it looks like a river of living water flowing through the city. 🙂

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