The Slightest Glimpse of Him

On the bus, while traveling through Israel, a lady on our trip mentioned that a certain song had come into her mind, "What Do I Know of Holy" by Addison Road. She said that being in Israel had made her feel as if she had indeed made God too small. As I heard that song... Continue Reading →

Nothing Compares

For the past few weeks I've had the song "Nothing Compares" by Third Day strongly on my mind, in particular the chorus section. When I hear those verses, I get an overwhelming peace and joy in my heart that leads me to want nothing but to give Him worship, praise, honor and glory. I love... Continue Reading →

Shoma a Rhema Word

Yesterday morning as I was starting my day, half asleep and praying, the Lord revealed a Rhema word to me. Being that I am horrible at dictation, the Lord revealed the word to me by plainly spelling it out ... s-h-o-m-a. In semi conscious state, I reached for my pencil and notepad and wrote it... Continue Reading →

Songs of Worship: My Spring 2011 Picks

Worship songs effect people in different ways. Sometimes the songs we respond to determine the state of our heart and what we may be experiencing in that season of life. You may be among the many that have their own favorite picks of worship songs, but if you are looking for a few recommendations, below... Continue Reading →

Jesus in Every Book of the Bible

Hello Dearly Beloved Friends, I heard a great message recently by Mrs. Lois Evans (Pastor Tony Evan's wife). In her message, Lois gave a list of what the Bible says about Jesus in each book of the Old Testament. Since I thought it was such an awesome message, I have put the list together for... Continue Reading →

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