On Fire for All Things Christ

I have still one day to write out my full testimony of how I came to faith in Jesus Christ, but today I want to share just a small part of that story with you. Actually, it’s the most important part.

Three and a half years ago in my search for spiritual enlightenment, someone shared a sermon with me that changed my life forever. What’s sort of ironic about this particular sermon is that it wasn’t intended for a new seeker of faith like myself. This message was actually directed to an already believing audience that is fighting the modern evangelical church approach. I had to listen to this three times before I could get passed my frustrations in trying to understand all of what was being preached, but finally on that third time of listening, by God’s saving grace, the Gospel became clear to me and my faith was set to never look back.

In my search for something true, spiritual and meaningful, I wasn’t sure where I was going to turn, but instead of turning, God came to meet me right where I was at. I hope that with this sermon, God may meet you wherever you are in your faith. In Jesus’ Name.

“Hell’s Best Kept Secret” & “True and False Conversion”
by Ray Comfort

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