On Fire for All Things Christ

On Memorial day, I was in the car with my sister and brother-in-law on our way home from the beach. I was driving and we were all fairly quite. Usually, in the car, we may listen to CDs, or turn off the radio so we can talk, but this time, my dial was set low on KSBJ, so I decided to turn it up and sing along loudly. One song after another, I sang loudly, amusing myself and the others in the car I’m sure. The song, “What Do I Know of Holy” by Addison Road was one of the songs that came on. (Read that post.) When it played, I was reminded of my friend from my recent Israel trip. I felt much joy and peace inside. Blazing through the freeway at sunset, the clouds were many and moving quickly. But, at one point as I was observing God’s majestic sky, I saw something. It appeared to look like a horse and a rider coming straight forward. Wow, it was so awesome to see! I don’t often look for images in the clouds. As soon as I saw it, I immediately thought of the Lord and Revelation 19. Wow, it was so cool! I felt as if in my praise and singing, the Lord showed me this in the sky.  To think of the Lord coming similar to how I saw in the clouds was amazing. It was so big and in my face, I couldn’t miss it! Below is an image to help visualize.

Image from: www.mctierart.com
Lucy McTier, Revelation 19, Original Oil on Canvas

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