On Fire for All Things Christ

These are a few of my favorite videos that I recorded on my recent tour of Israel on May 2011.

This first video is a view of the Eastern side of the old Jerusalem city walls as our tour guide, Ronnie Cohen, briefs us on the history of Jerusalem.

As we were walking through the Via Dolorosa, behind us, a Spanish group was doing a processional toward Station VIII. This captivated my attention. I felt very emotional as I watched in remembrance of Jesus on his route to Calvary.

May 20, 2011 — As I walk out of Jaffa Gate and into an outdoor mall courtyard area, musicians and Israeli soldiers meet and enjoy a time of music with singing and dancing. During my trip to Israel, I had an inquiring interest of the Israeli soldiers. This was a very candid video as I was caught in the middle of this celebration right before the Sabbath. The soldiers are so young, and they carry their weapons like I would carry my purse.


Here, we stand at the Temple Mount at the Dome of the Spirits. A small, covered area about 5′ in diameter, that is located off to the side away from the Dome of the Rock. The floor there is the bare ground of Mount Moriah. Listen to the description on the video. Pretty amazing!!


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