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In my car, at church, at work, while working out, I listen to Christian music quite a bit. Below is a list of songs that the Lord has left lingering in my heart these past few weeks. These are in the order that He revealed them to me. Some are worship and some are praise. It is said that songs we like determine the state of our heart. These songs go side by side with the things I have been praying about lately. I hope you enjoy them and I hope the Lord speak to you through them.

Mid July: Closer by Shawn McDonald
Late July: All The Earth Will Sing Your Praises by Lincoln Brewster
August 2: Surrender by Lincoln Brewster
August 4: Your Love is Extravagant by Darrell Evans
August 5: The Heart of Worship by Matt Redman


Comments on: "Tuning into Him: July & August Worship & Praise Songs" (2)

  1. Yes, I listen to Sky.fm during the work day whenever I can. They have several stations, and while I used to listen to the Salsa station all the time, I now find myself tuning in to the Contemporary Christian station. For some reason Inside Out by Hillsong stood out to me one day. I am really liking these songs that move and have such penetrating lyrics. There was another song I heard on the radio that also stood out to me but I don’t know the name nor do I recall hearing it again since that time. By the way, I’m trying to distinguish the difference between a praise song and a worship song. I’m sure the difference is pretty obvious but maybe some examples of each will help.

  2. I remember my same music transition. It’s the Holy Spirit moving inside of you.

    I should try sky.fm. I mostly just use my iTunes playlist while at work. Yes, From the Inside Out by Hillsong is a very good worship song!!

    The main difference between a praise song and a worship song is really the mood that it sets by sound, melody and lyrics. A praise song is uplifting, more happy like. The lyrics may be more about thankfulness to God. A worship song will give you more sense of wanting to meditate, pray and give reverence to God. Worship songs are usually not as high-energy as praise songs and the lyrics go deeper into the heart. It may spark change for how you want to live your life for God.

    At church, notice that usually, the first few songs they sing at the beginning of service are more uplifting. People may be clapping or dancing. Everyone seems happy and excited. Then, usually during prayer they will change it up and do a worship type song. During worship, people tend to be more still with their arms raised or on their knees. It’s more of a cry out as opposed to excitement.

    For example, from the songs listed above in my original post, I would consider song #2 to be a praise song and songs #3 & 5 to be worship.

    Great question! Maybe I will do a post about that!!

    Thanks for your reply Nilda. It blesses my heart to know what He’s doing in your heart. Love you!!

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