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Your Liberty Bell

In the ladies restroom at the office, I keep a devotional that I read on occasion. Go ahead and laugh, I know that’s funny, but be honest with yourself now… on occasion, you read in the bathroom too! Maybe you do a word puzzle or skim a magazine. Well, I read my small devotional. It’s perfect! The devotion is short and the scripture is already there for me. Okay, anyway, this is not the subject of my message, it’s just now become an awkward introduction.

On my way to work this morning, I had been praying to God that I wanted to be free from any captivity. I wanted freedom from the thoughts and hurts that haunt my mind and hold me ransom to the past. Why, after so long, do we still ask the Lord about things that happened long ago? How can we get past those questions (pun intended) and move forward?! How can we put that thing to death just as David put Goliath to death? I, as I’m sure you feel he same way, don’t want to give the enemy a foothold from the things of the past anymore! Victimized or deceived, we must break through the chains!

Well, wouldn’t you know it that God spoke to me about this in today’s devotional! (Praise God. I love it when He does little things like that to get my attention and confirm what’s already on my mind.) Below is the devotional…

Also interesting is that as I was reading the devotional, I heard the emergency bell from our office elevator. A little boy had been playing with the button because he liked the sound of the bell. How timely! The last line of the devotional calls out to listen for the “liberty bell” that is ringing. (Awesome, confirmation again!) The Lord is speaking to me in the spiritual and the physical. He wants to set the captive free! “Behold! Your liberty bell is ringing!”


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