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Chopped Redemption

After a tough, long day at work, I came home, served myself a bowl of cereal for dinner and switched on the TV for a bit. Yes! It was Tuesday night and the Chopped evening marathon was on. Nearing 10pm, a preview came up to announce the coming episode. Wouldn’t you believe I was so excited when they announced a second chance episode and my favorite Chef from the Summer, Chef Lance, was back.

I remember the first time Chef Lance was on Chopped. He and another competitor (Chef Madison) were head-to-head in each round cooking amazing, creative cuisines with hardly no mistakes. I think it was the closest battle on Chopped I had ever seen. Both competitors had great attitudes and talents. It was hard to see either one of them lose.

This second chance episode called “Chopped Redemption,” (originally aired on July 26, then again on Dec. 6 & 20) was perfect for Chef Lance and I’ll explain why as you read along.

At the beginning of each show they introduce the chefs where each one is interviewed to give their inspiration to cook and reason for being on Chopped. As I watched this “Chopped Redemption” with anticipation through each course, I just knew Chef Lance was going to win, and I had a gut feeling that he was somehow going to give part of his winnings to his final competitor. And wouldn’t you believe that at the end of the show, that’s exactly what happened.

I share this with you because I love the story behind this episode and Chef Lance. Chef Lance is a Christian and an executive chef at Camp of the Woods Resort in New York. In his interview on the show, he spoke about the mean and inconsiderate person he used to be, but now, he has changed his attitude on life and others. I think most of us that have crossed from death to life can relate to this. Most of the competitors on the show come to prove themselves as good chefs to family and friends, for validation and credit, or simply just to win and get the prize money. Chef Lance’s competitor, Chef Yoanne, was there to win the money to pay for her future visit to France and see her dying grandmother – her inspiration. Chef Lance was so touched by Yoanne’s motivation, that in the end, he gave his competitor, Yoanne, part of his winnings so she could visit her grandmother.

I loved Chef Lance’s passion to cook, his mission to serve people through the food he prepares, his grace, and his heart to help others, as he did for Chef Yoanne. Chopped Redemption was the perfect title for this episode because it showed Chef Lance’s redemption as a chef and his redeeming character as a believer in Christ. Praise be to God! Congratulations on the win-win for Chef Lance!


Comments on: "Chopped Redemption" (3)

  1. It was nice to see that someone had blogged about this wonderful episode of Chopped! It was on again tonight and is actually the second time I’ve seen it – it brought tears to my eyes both times. It’s always so wonderful to see such Christ-like love in action… Praise be to God, indeed! 🙂

  2. I just saw this episode tonight and thought to myself that man is a worker for the Lord because that was an incredibly selfless thing to do! ❤

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