On Fire for All Things Christ

I have one word – amazed! This was my first year to attend the Celebration Christmas production at Houston’s First Baptist Church and I must say I was amazed! I was like a little kid at the edge of my seat, wide-eyed, taking in every detail. Now this may seem like a short-handed complement since I’ve only seen two church Christmas productions (both of them this year), but in all honesty my review is well intended. Celebration was the best Christmas production I have ever seen.

The first hour of the production was light-hearted and filled with things such as people dancing in penguin costumes and the children’s choir singing as they watched Santa come to town, (or more like descend on his sleigh from the rafters above the audience to center stage). Then, after a five-minute greet and stretch session divides the show, the lights dim and the production gets serious. From the center of the sanctuary, a spotlight shines on Isaiah as he speaks in Hebrew and prophesies about the messiah to come. His voice radiates in song and I feel the God-bumps on my arms. After Isaiah come other prophets, and then, the silence of God for 400 years as the Jews settle in Israel. Live animals and extravagant stage sets illustrate the time. Mary comes in riding on a donkey as she enters Bethlehem and gives birth to the Son of God, Jesus. Angels on wires and carts all through the sanctuary give praise. Elephants and elaborate costumes depict the arrivals of the wise men and so on… I don’t want to give everything away!

A few days later in Singer’s practice a few of us shared our thoughts on the show. I was excited to share my experience and even more excited to hear what others had to say of the show and its message. What testimonies! Glory to God!!

So, all this to say, I’m inviting my whole family next year and I pray that all who have attended and will attend in the future are touched by Jesus’ story and Celebration!

Below are a few photos from the 2010 Celebration:

Santa’s sleigh (© All rights reserved by Houston’s First)

Isaiah (© All rights reserved by Houston’s First)

Angels (© All rights reserved by Houston’s First)


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