Personality Profiles

Gearing up for our Spain mission trip, our second team meeting mainly consisted of reviewing the results of our personality tests given by OrbitingNormal. After briefly discussing the individual characteristics of each of our personality types, we then looked at the dynamics of our team of ten – how we communicate, how we make decisions... Continue Reading →

Spain’s Religion Infographic

In gearing up for our Spain mission trip to Granada, one way our team leaders are having us prepare for the trip is by giving each of us a topic of Spain to research and present. My topic was on the religions of Spain and I was first up! I did some online research for... Continue Reading →

Paint Texture Abstracts

I did these two paintings years ago when I was in art school. They recently came to mind so I decided to post them up and share them with you. Both paintings are texture abstracts, but by placing an eye over the first one, you automatically see a human face. The second painting I have... Continue Reading →

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