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Personality Profiles

Gearing up for our Spain mission trip, our second team meeting mainly consisted of reviewing the results of our personality tests given by OrbitingNormal. After briefly discussing the individual characteristics of each of our personality types, we then looked at the dynamics of our team of ten – how we communicate, how we make decisions and how to best interact with one another. Below is a graphic that shows a grid of the 16 different personality types developed by Myers Briggs and the number of missionaries we have in each block. (Click graphic to enlarge.)

The letters in the blocks represent the characteristics of that personality type and our team breakdown.

The first letter (either E or I) represents where you focus your attention:
E: Extroverted Characteristics (8)
I: Introverted Characteristics (2)

The second letter (either S or N) represents the way you take in information:
S: Sensing Characteristics (8)
N: Intuitive Characteristics (2)

The third letter (either T or F) represents the way you make decisions:
T: Thinking Characteristics (5)
F: Feeling Characteristics (5)

The fourth letter (either J or P) represents how you deal with the outer world:
J: Judging Characteristics (4)
P: Perceiving Characteristics (6)


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