PRAISE REPORT UPDATE: On Thursday 7/26/2012, doctors were scheduled to operate on little Mei-Lin, but they could not find any evidence of the tennis-ball sized cyst that was invading her intestines just a few weeks earlier. On Friday, Mei-Lin was released from the hospital without surgery. Praise be to God, Mei-Lin was healed by the hand of God!!! Thank You Jesus and all the VBS kids for their faith!! Mark 2:5

Afire Within

Today in VBS, we taught the kids about miracles. At the beginning of the lesson, we extensively discussed what a miracle is, how much Jesus went around doing good and healing people, and that all the books in the world cannot contain all the good things Jesus did and continues to do for us.

As an activity after the lesson, I had each student make a get well card for any friend, neighbor or family member that they know is sick and wants to get better. I also asked each student to include one of these three scriptures in their card:

  1. These things are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God. – John 20:31
  2. Jesus went around doing good and healing. – Acts 10:38
  3. For nothing is impossible with God. – Luke 1:37

If the student did not know a friend or family…

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Houston Project: “Awe” Mission

Day four of teaching VBS to our kids was on the topic of salvation. To start the lesson, I had the kids participate in a skit addressing the evidence and testimonies for Jesus' death, burial and resurrection. After that, teaching assistant David led the class with the felt board Gospel presentation that we had been... Continue Reading →

Beattitude: Joy

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My Heart Sings (Part 2)

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