On Fire for All Things Christ

It’s Houston Project time again, and this year I am Über excited to be teaching VBS to 10-11 years! I have never taught kids before, but I am up for the challenge and eager to see God’s amazing work in the hearts of these kids. I will be teaching four evenings in a row with this curriculum:

  • Day 1: Creation (and Adam & Eve and the Ten Commandments if time allows)
  • Day 2: The Birth of Christ (Yes, Christmas in July!)
  • Day 3: The Healing from the Hem of His Garment
  • Day 4: God’s Plan for Salvation

So far I’ve only done day one and I absolutely loved it. The kids were very well behaved and they caught on to the teaching quickly. I am so blessed by them and their shining faces! (I hope to show you some pictures soon.) And, I am very grateful for all the awesome teaching assistant tools available online.

For your learning pleasure, here are a few fun teaching tools you can interact with:

Enjoy!! 😀


Comments on: "Houston, We’re on a Mission – Houston Project 2012" (5)

  1. Ann Nava said:

    Love this Edmee! My favorite grades to teach are 3rd,4th,5th when kids are somewhat independent but still teachable and enthusiastic. And the other group we love and have worked with are the 2-3 year olds, awwww. So fun. I know the kids love you back!

  2. Ann Nava said:

    Have no idea. I helped teach SS. VBS has been around for decades though! My cousin in Pasadena (Golden Acres Baptist church) is having VBS at night too. Is this a trend?

    • Well, the church had VBS in late June and it was during the day. But Houston Project is a sort of mission trip for our city with all the activities in the evening/after work when most adults can volunteer.

      • Ann Nava said:

        OH, I see, I thought maybe they rebranded VBS. This is a great idea esp with so many adults working, it gives them an opportunity. ❤

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