On Fire for All Things Christ

Beattitude: Joy

: the emotion evoked by well-being
: a state of happiness or felicity

Two years ago I was going through a heart break situation. In that, I visited a church in which the pastor spoke joy over me. A year later I visited another church and again the word joy was given to me in prayer. Then again just a few weeks ago, I visited yet another church and there the pastor also prayed for me to receive the joy of the Lord. All different churches, all different people but the same message. I think the Holy Spirit is trying to tell me to receive joy as my healing strength! But how do I do that?

… the JOY of the Lord is my strength. – Nehemiah 8:10. This verse of scripture packs a punch of truth in such a short statement! (Read this awesome commentary) When I earnestly meditate on God and the great and amazing work He does for me and through me, I in turn take on an attitude of praising Him. When my attention is turned outwardly away from my selfish “pitty-party-of-one” attitude and onto Him and serving others, I see joy in Him – in His work on the cross for me. In His little day-to-day acts of love towards me. And in seeing His amazing hand go forth as I serve Him. The enemy wants me to focus on myself, but the Lord wants me to focus on Him. Thank you Jesus that my joy is found in all things You and that you give me strength to refocus my life.

After several weeks of amazing experiences in serving Christ, His people and in hearing and meditating on His amazing transforming power, I think I have a better understanding at what it means to have a glimpse of joy in Christ. I pray and hope that I continue to receive deeper understanding of this joy as I draw closer to Christ, and that I can give you further encouragement as I go along. May joy become our normal beattitude of living!

In Joy!

For fun, here are a few new songs to listen to and enjoy!!

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