Looking at the Heart

When Samuel went out to anoint the man the Lord chose as Israel's second King, the Lord said to Samuel ... man looks at outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart. (NIV) or ... for God sees not as man sees, for man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at... Continue Reading →

I Will Wait, a Poem

Below is a video of a young lady reciting her poem, "I Will Wait for You." She speaks good truth very effectively. Listed below are also the words to the poem in case you want to listen and read along. So it seemed, that it was cool, for everyone to be in a relationship but... Continue Reading →

A Single Season

I feel like the Lord is leading me in writing and reviewing resources that guide His beloved during their season of being "single." With that, I added a new category to my blog called A Single Season. If you are looking for Godly wisdom or resources in this subject, I hope that you can find... Continue Reading →

Single Seasoning

For weeks I had been wanting to get into reading a new book. Three or four books I tried, but none kept my interest. Why wasn't I drawn to read any of those books? They were all spiritually enlightening. I felt maybe my heart was hard to their messages. I did feel spiritually dry, like... Continue Reading →

Which Way to My Mate?

Three times this week from three different sources I've heard reference to doing things God's way and not man's way. I take it that the Lord is trying to tell me something??!! Yes, He is indeed. Several months ago, a friend sent me a link to a book called How to Get a Date Worth... Continue Reading →

Transforming Prince

For Christmas, a friend lovingly gave me a "Magic Frog-to-Prince" gag gift. I looked at it, laughed and smiled. My friend knew that for a while I had been feeling down about the ending of a past relationship, and she thought this little gift would be perfect to lift my spirits. What a sweet gesture... Continue Reading →


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