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Paint Texture Abstracts

I did these two paintings years ago when I was in art school. They recently came to mind so I decided to post them up and share them with you. Both paintings are texture abstracts, but by placing an eye over the first one, you automatically see a human face. The second painting I have left open to interpretation.

Coming Across: Matthew 16 Poster

I heard a very powerful sermon from Tony Evans last week covering Matthew 16:24-28. With that, I felt lead to creatively illustrate Jesus’ words: “If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me.

In a modern, minimalistic style, this poster illustrates the scripture above. On the left, the red “no symbol” across the female icon represents me saying deny myself, the red cross in the middle represents taking up my cross and then the bird on the right represents following Jesus. I like that the cross is in the middle because it is the connecting factor between the other two commands that we should do (deny oneself and follow Jesus). In order to follow Jesus, we must cross from one side to the other. No doubt, that’s exactly how God planned it from the beginning.

Cutthroat Street Posters

An artist by the name of Cutthroat pastes Houston city streets with posters. After noticing a few of his posters on corner electric boxes throughout the city, I decided to do some mild research on the artist to see if I could get a sense of his spiritual beliefs. I found little info online, other than a few other posters on Flickr and an interview on artist views of street art. Nevertheless, I wanted to mention these two posters that recently caught my attention.

Santa Muerte Street Poster

Santa Muerte Street Poster in Houston (corner of Main St. and Wheeler) by Cutthroat

This first poster caught my eye on my way to work because just days earlier, a friend and I had been discussing how some religions have deviated so far from Truth that they have come to worship death – one form called Santa Muerte. It saddens me when I think of Satan so devilishly laughing at all the people he’s deceiving through false idols like Santa Muerte. Satan wants to be like God, so when people worship and welcome him (like they do when they worship Santa Muerte), he’s all over it! (Lucifer rebelled against God and sought to take God’s place: Isaiah 14:12-21)

Then, just a few days after seeing the first poster, a few blocks away I saw this other one. Awesome! I was much more excited about this poster, as it references Jesus, the true image to rightful worship! (Read another post about this poster here)

Jesus Poster by Cutthroat

Jesus Street Poster in Houston (corner of Fannin St. and Wentworth St.) by Cutthroat

I don’t know much about street art here in Houston or Cutthroat’s intent in all his art, but if he wants to publicly display posters of Jesus around the city, then I’m all for it!

Genesis 50:20
You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.

Romans 8:28
And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.


April 3, 2012 UPDATE: The Santa Muerte poster on Wheeler was stripped down several months ago and replaced with the “they all on me” poster of Jesus. Yes, all our sins were upon Jesus. Receive His gift of love by the precious blood of Christ.

Felt Bible Story Posters

A coworker sent me this, and I liked it very much and wanted to share it with you. The Felt Project is a series of simplistic teaser posters illustrating stories from the Bible. It’s one of those ideas I look at and think … if only I would have thought of that!

It would be neat to buy a group of these posters and put them all around a Bible study room and use them as illustrations that remind us of God’s faithfulness, grace and promises. Great idea and well thought out. Praise God, for giving us talents to glorify Him! Below are a few of my current favorites. (Available for sale/donations by the designer.)

Breath of Life
from Genesis 2: Adam and Eve

From the dust of the newborn world he’d created, God formed the man Adam and gave him life. Though he lived in paradise and was given land and animals, Adam was alone. But God created a companion for him, and the two became the roots of all mankind. (Read the Story)

from Genesis 8–9: Covenant of the Rainbow

Once the floodwaters had subsided, Noah and his family left the ark. God blessed them and vowed to never again flood the earth, setting a rainbow in the sky as the recurring sign of his promise to mankind. (Read the Story)

The Tower
from Genesis 11: The Tower of Babel

At this point in time, all men on earth spoke a single language. Together, they began to build a city with a huge tower, so that they could gather together and become more powerful. (Read the Story)

Other similar Bible book posters that may suit your fancy:

Outside My Own Little World: Signs of the Times

(Poster by Pentagram in Austin)

Here is a poster that I came across in looking through a design book. When I read the info at the bottom that said “mobile loaves and fish,” I thought – I love it! I’d like to share this! I remember when God opened my eyes to help the homeless. Since then, I’ve participated in homeless outreach events with several organizations and I’ve also had the opportunity to do some individual outreach of my own. Just a little bit of help for the big glory of God.

Follow these posts if you’d like to read more: Go Fish, Gone Fishing

Outside My Own Little World: Pray for Japan

(Poster by Sofian Bouziani)

If you’d like to help relief efforts in Japan, please make a donation here.

And, if you’d like to join me in prayer for Japan, pray this with me…
Our gracious Father, we ask that You may reach down and help the people effected by the devastation of Japan this past weekend. We know that Your heart is with each person in their suffering – some, physically hurting and most in emotional despair. Bring comport Lord, and may Your glory be known. We also pray to edify the missionaries who are proclaiming Your Good News to the hearts of Japan. Give them added strength and perseverance in this time as they faithfully continue to be your hands and feet. Jesus, please let provision come and may it be multiplied. In Jesus’ Holy and precious name, Amen.

May God lead you to help Japan through prayer, giving or serving.

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Inspired Environments

The Memorial Wall in the Sanctuary Courtyard
Today I decided to treat myself to something different, so I went to First Presbyterian Church (by the Fine Arts Museum) to check out the scripture wall in their Sanctuary Courtyard. It’s always nice to see Scripture in an environmental space for all to read and enjoy. Although, if you’d like to go to this courtyard, it can only be accessed through the building.

Living Water
At Town and Country Village in west Houston, I surprisingly passed by a fountain, that read “Living Water.” The letter t in the word water, was taller than all the other letters, so it looked like a very intentional cross. I loved the symbolism. And, I loved more that this was in a completely secular environment!

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