On Fire for All Things Christ


Hello there beloved, my name is Edmeé.

You may be wondering about my name… it’s unique, what does it mean? Well, I don’t know too much about it other than it is uncommon, it is European and it means “wealthy protector.” I like to think that “wealthy” in this case references all the things God has brought abundance to in my life, including the wealth in wisdom of the Lord, and that I am out to protect it.

Here is a collage of a few things that inspire me or that make up part of my personality …

#1 Love:
Jesus is love! This specific rendering is written in my favorite script typeface, Aphrodite.

#2 Butterfly:
When the Holy Spirit takes residence inside us, we begin to go through transformation, and sometimes, this can be a painful process. Recently, transformation/metamorphosis has been a sort of theme for me: from caterpillar to cocoon to butterfly.

#3 Thinking Made Visual:
Saul Bass, one of my favorite graphic designers!

#4 Family:
I am blessed with a wonderful family.

#5 Egg:
Egg, one of my many nicknames.

#6 Wings:
I have a new fascination with wings!!

#7 Nutella:
Yum! I love hazelnut and chocolate! Nutella dipped strawberries are really yummy!

#8 Hillsong:
There are many worship bands I really like, but Hillsong was the first one that I was introduced to when I became a believer.

#9 Apple:
I prefer my Apple computer and iPod over any other.

#10 Snoopy:
“Happiness is a warm puppy!” I’ve been a fan of Snoopy for a very long time.

#11 Gone with the Wind:
This year, I rediscovered my favorite love movie.

#12 Tennis:
I recently started playing Tennis, but I’m really not very good.

#13 Bible:
God’s love letter to me. My favorite book!

#14 Chocolate Chip Cookie:
I am a total cookie monster!

#15 World:
I travel, but not as much as I’d like. I have passport in hand, ready to go!

#16 Houston Salsa Dancers:
This is the name of the dance team that I was with for about 5 years.

#17 Church:
The Bride of Christ!

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