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Afire Within

Icon for the Holy Spirit
While doing research for my theology paper on the Holy Spirit, I came across this icon on the title page of my Pneumatology book (See icon below to the left). Looking at all its intricacies, I observed the icon for a few minutes. (As a designer, that’s what I like to do.) Then, I had my “aha” moment! Wow, this icon is cool! So simple, yet so direct! Do you see it?? It’s a symbol for the Holy Spirit. The icon represents these four symbols of the Holy Spirit: water, fire, oil and a descending dove. Awesome!!

Afire Within
I had been thinking about an icon for this blog for quite a while. Something that resembled a passion for Christ. At first I thought about a symbol for fire, to represent being on fire for God. Then I thought about a river, to represent flow and vitality. I did some sketches, but nothing seemed to stick. Ultimately, I wanted something that represented fire and water, purification and cleansing – the Holy Spirit.

After having my realization of the icon in my book, I immediately thought, this will be the icon for Afire Within (with some slight modification)! I added an image of flames inside the icon that is both orange and blue, and if you look at the flames closely you might be able to make out the white shape in the middle where the blue and orange overlap. There, the white shape looks like a dove descending.

Notes on the Holy Spirit as Fire
In doing my study on Pneumatology, I jotted some notes on the Holy Spirit symbol as fire from Chafer’s book:

• Fire is a sign of the Lord’s approval and acceptance
• Pillar of fire: protection of God’s presence
• Simile for discipline and testing
• Hebrews 12:29, our God is an all consuming fire
• An emblem of God’s Word, igniting and warming
• Speaks of judgment
• Also an emblem for the Holy Spirit
• The Spirit’s might and ministry can be compared to fire:
+ Zeal of service
+ Flame of love
+ Fervor of prayer
+ Earnestness of testimony
+ Devotion of consecration
+ Sacrifice of worship
+ Igniting power of influence

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