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A Lesson on Living

A few weeks ago, I was talking with a friend and in conversation I raised this question: is there one thing you have been wanting since you were little that you are still praying for? It wasn’t hard for my friend to give me an answer – a family. For me, I had to think a while. After a few days, I got my revelation. I’ve always wanted to live life. To live with confidence, without hesitation, to take every opportunity the Lord opens and live with purpose, with nothing holding me back and with no fear.

Having this on my mind for sometime, yesterday I went to MetroLive and heard an amazing message by Pastor Afshin Ziafat. The message was about living life. Wow, living life had been one of my prayers for weeks; how awesome that the Lord brought me to this place to hear this teaching!! As soon as he started the lesson, I was all ears with my Bible open and journal out.

Afshin’s lesson addressed the life of David. We hit many scriptures starting in Acts 13 and then going back to parts of Samuel and Chronicles. First, Afshin pointed out that David’s life served the purpose of God in that David outlived his life because through him, Jesus was born. Also, David himself emphasized to his son Solomon that living for God is more about looking inwardly at the heart than outwardly at the things we’ve done. God looks at the heart and we should focus on that more than anything else. How often do we think that our outward expression is more important: minister more, serve more, teach more, but really it’s about who we are becoming as we seek to know more of Him. It’s about our alone time with God. Afshin also mentioned these five things about David:

  • David had a humble heart. David got his humility from the alone time he had with God as a shepherd. A humble heart is found in the presence of God.
  • David had a faithful heart. When we are faithful with little things, the Lord will open the door to larger things. (Luke 16:10)
  • David had a submissive heart. David was submissive to God’s plan (1 Sam. 18:10, 1 Sam. 24:1-16)
  • David had a repentive heart. Even though David committed adultery and murder, he repented of those things. In his darkest moment he still had a heart for God. (2 Sam. 12:13). God looks at our heart, not our track record. If I say I don’t sin, then the truth is not in me. (1 John 1:8-9)
  • David had a whole heart: David served God with his whole heart. Does God have all of your heart? Are you running to something outside of Christ to make you whole? Are you coveting something that you think will make you whole?

From those five points, two of them heavily convicted my heart. One was the faithful heart and the other a repentive heart. I get very discouraged sometimes when our Bible study attendance is low or when no one reads my blog. I’m wasting my time, I think to myself. What’s the point if there is barely no one who cares. But I need to get past those feelings and focus on being faithful with what the Lord has given me. I should teach or write to an audience of five like I would to an audience of 5,ooo. Luke 16:10 – He who is faithful in a very little thing is faithful also in much.

Also when Afshin read 1 John 1:8-9, again, I felt conviction. I think a lot of times I tend to think that I don’t have sin because I don’t express it outwardly. But, last week, I felt the Spirit revealing a lot of my inward sin. Things like judgements of others, frustrations, bitterness and anger. As these sins came to mind, I tried to repent of them and release them.

So in all, the lesson was awesome! Without knowing it, God had already been answering my prayer of living life by revealing my heart. I need to start there! How does my inward heart look to God? That’s what He cares about. Living is not about doing tons of things and keeping busy, but living is about having your heart right with the Lord. As I had mentioned in one of my previous writings, we often tend to combine God’s way with man’s way thinking it’s the right way. God’s way is for us to delight in His presence, our way is to stay busy with stuff, even if we consider it okay because it’s quote, Godly stuff.

Afshin mentioned a lot of other good stuff in his lesson, and unfortunately I didn’t catch them all in my notes. If you’d like, his message is available for $1 through HFBC bookstore, or you can listen online here. Thank you for sharing this testimony of an answered prayer with me and may we live life by having loyal hearts to Him.

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