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Gleaning from the Words Pressed: My One Year Anniversary

Hello my beloved! Today is a special day! Today marks the first anniversary of when the Holy Spirit pressed it on my heart to start this blog. I didn’t know why the Lord led me to blog, but I just took a leap of faith with it and boarded the ship not sure where it would sail. I knew this was from God because before this, I never had any intentions of blogging ever. At the same time as starting the blog, a group of us from work also embarked in starting an office Bible study. This blog and the Bible study actually began on the same day! It’s actually quite funny to me when I think about it because July also marks my birthday. And, since I have a twin sister, it also marks her birthday. Two lives at once, just like the blog and the Bible study.

Thank you to everyone for your support and encouragement as I “pressed” into this new adventure. The Internet is such a vast tool to share the truth of God. I am honored and humbled that the Lord chose me to this mission field. Throughout the year I wrote nearly 100 posts. In celebrating, below is a short list of a few favorites. I invite you to join me in celebration by sharing anything that you found memorable or any post that stirred your heart.

With much love and adoration for God and all good things,

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