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Resurrection & Reverence: September Worship Songs

This month’s songs are about our redemption after the cross of Christ and one is about reverence to the Creator. Although some of these songs may be familiar, listen closely to the lyrics and surround yourself in the beauty of their meaning. If interested, I wrote about the two middle songs in a previous post Out of the Ashes.

Out of the Ashes

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Just recently, I received life changing news. You know, the kind of news that you need to just graciously accept and move forward with despite your broken heart behind it. In the midst of coming to grips with the reality of the news, the Lord revealed a few songs to me. Ironically, one of them I had just heard for the first time only a few weeks prior.

The first song was “Aftermath” by Hillsong United’s most recent album.
I love the message of this song, and these are the verses from the lyrics that resonated deep from my Spirit early last week:

And in that moment, of glorious surrender
Lifted out of the ashes, I am found in the aftermath

In those words, the Spirit was revealing to me that even though I may fee like I am ashes (dead with my dream), the Lord finds me in the aftermath of the destruction. In my glorious surrender to my dream, in death to my desire, He finds me and lifts me up. It is quite beautiful, touching and loving when I think about it.

Later that same week, the Lord woke me in the morning to these words from a different song:

Out of the ashes, beauty will rise.

Those words from, “Beauty Will Rise,” by Steven Curtis Chapman. With this one, the Lord was reminding me that I will rise from the death, the disappointment and he will make it all new! I will rise as beauty out of the ashes!

Both songs have very different sounds and mood, but the Lord brought them both together for me to give me a message of hope beyond death. Praise God! Although tough to face and experience, I receive the hope He is bringing me.

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