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You may remember a few years ago when the U.S. government did buy-out plans for certain financial institutions. The government bought-out the debts of corporations as a way to keep the economy afloat instead of continuing downward. Today, I was thinking about this. Not in the way of financial corporations, but about people.

Jesus is our buy-out plan. He came into this world to pay the penalty for our sin. He went to hell and conquered death to save me out of it. Jesus is my big brother that bought me out of hell. I was so far in debt, in sin, that He made a way for me.

And, just like a company remembers the saving grace of a big brother, I too remember my big brother and His saving grace upon my life. With that, a deep sense of gratitude sets in and in giving thanks, I try my best to stay away from the sin that so easily entangled me before. That is how we grow in our gratitude and worship for Christ. In our thankfulness, with the Spirit’s guidance, we sin less because of the gratitude and love we have toward our big brother that bought us out of death.

So what are you going to do? Are you going to keep spiraling down in your hole and hope that you have time in the end for Jesus to buy you out? Are you going to continue and try to get out of your hole on your own? Or, are you going to give in and let Jesus save you now?

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