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Single Seasoning

For weeks I had been wanting to get into reading a new book. Three or four books I tried, but none kept my interest. Why wasn’t I drawn to read any of those books? They were all spiritually enlightening. I felt maybe my heart was hard to their messages. I did feel spiritually dry, like I wasn’t hearing from the Lord. I can recognize those days because I know what it’s like to be in the opposite spectrum. I love being in the flow of hearing God, if you know what I mean.

I was preparing to go on vacation and I wanted to take some books to read. I grabbed one that I had started, and another from my book shelf that I hadn’t read before. It was a small book, and I thought it would be a good, light read during my trip. The book was called, A Slice of the Pie by Anamichelle Lopez.

Let me start with some background as to how I got this book. Almost two years ago, I attended a singles conference with some girl friends. At the conference there were several vendor tables with things to buy. On the last evening of the conference, my friend stopped by one of the tables to chat with a girl she knew, Anamichelle. I looked around at the things that Anamichelle was selling, but I didn’t buy anything. But before we left, out of her heart Anamichelle gave me a copy of her book at no charge. I was thankful, but was not led to read the book right away. Well, as God would have it, it was a perfect read during my trip this past weekend.

Anamichelle wrote a great, simple book on how to approach your sweet single season, a season I’ve been in some time. Everything she wrote is to the point, with just the right heart and lots of scriptural support. I was holding back tears as I read one of her illustrations of how the Lord provided her with a bread bowl of soup on their date out. I also enjoyed the letters from those who were explaining how they came into celibacy.

After reading this book, I have found myself taking a more active approach on how I will continue my sweet single season. This may sound silly to you, but one of my prayers now is that I have asked the Lord to reveal to me if His will for me of either celibacy or marriage. I have asked him to answer my prayer in three ways:

  • By hearing His still, small voice
  • By a Rhema word in Scripture
  • Confirmation through a person

I know that an answer to this prayer, will give me better focus on how God wills to direct my life. If it’s His will for me to marry, then I will honor that by praying for my future husband and family. If it is God’s will for me to be celibate, then I know I will have an everlasting peace and I won’t be concerned with praying for a husband. This is just one of a few things stirring my heart from this book. I will continue to share more as things progress. May the Lord also direct you in the path He wills for you.

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