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Treasured Necklaces

(photo from DaySpring)

God’s Heart for You Necklace
A little over two years ago, I received a gift from a friend that I loved very much.  I wasn’t expecting a gift, it was such a joyful surpris. I opened it with delight. It was a silver necklace with a 4-sided vertical pendant. On each side was carved a word: cherished, created, celebrated, chosen. It was beautiful. I put it on and wore it almost everyday, all the time.

For a while, it was the necklace that consistently brought me surprises. The first surprise was when I first noticed the small charm next to the clasp. On it was engraved: Psalm 139:14. Beautiful! Then later, I discovered the carving on the fifth side, (the bottom of the pendant). There, a small heart caught my eye – another delightful surprise! Then (this may sound really silly), the strength of the necklace surprised me. One day, as I was showering, my bath sponge got tangled on the chain. I thought, I’ll break the chain for sure if I try to tug it off, but the chain held up and did not break. The necklace was indeed wonderfully made. Strong, and beautiful, just as we are. Even the way the necklace was put together, the pendant could never fall and be lost when taken off. The necklace even came with a folded note with scripture. I loved everything about that necklace. I wore it almost everyday. The necklace was very dear to my heart.

The Love Necklace
Fast forward about a year. I was looking around at a store, and I came across a beautiful necklace. I wasn’t in search for a necklace, and rarely do things catch my eye to the point of making an impulse buy, but this one stood out – a pendant with the word “love” written in script letters. It didn’t read sideways like you would expect, it read downward. As a designer, I appreciated the lettering and its simplicity. I fell in love with it at first sight, so I bought it and hung it on my hand-towel rack in my bathroom counter. Looking at it there, I got somewhat of a chill that this necklace would soon replace my current pendant. I didn’t like that thought. Why would I think that, I didn’t know. So, I treasured the thought and left it alone.

A few months after that, the friend who had given me the God’s Heart necklace abandoned and betrayed me. Much anger, bitterness and hate overtook my thoughts and in that battling midst, I trashed everything from him, including the necklace. I thought about what the Lord had revealed to me just a month earlier – that the love pendant will replace the one from my friend. God had started preparing me for this new season long before I knew. The pain surrounding the betrayal still hurts to think about and that necklace is one of the things that still stands out in my head from that lost relationship. Almost a year later, I still treasure it, but now only in memory.

Now, fast forward to present time. I have been ministering to a friend about her heartache surrounding a recent broken relationship. Then one day, I had the thought of getting my friend a “love” necklace just like mine. Would I still find one like it at the store, it had been nearly a year since I had bought mine. I thought, if I see one, then I’ll know that God’s hand is at work. So, I set out for it, and there it was – plain as day on the jewelry rack. I made the purchase, and later that day, I gifted it to my friend. She said it was perfect. That Daddy had been speaking to her about love. Tears filled her eyes as she clasped the necklace on during our dinner.

The Flourish Necklace
A few weeks after that, I decided to sort of retire my love necklace. I hung it against the shade of my lamp by my bed. It looked nice there. Somewhat silhouetted against the light. I thought, at the right time, the Lord will bring me a new necklace to treasure. So, I couldn’t help but tear up when just a few days later, another dear friend gifted me with a new necklace. It is a pendant she made for me at a jewelry class. This pendant is oval with an emboss of a flower and ornamental flourish elements around it.

In some ways, I see the pendant as God taking me into a new season of blossoming like a flower. Like a flower, within each of us, the love of God grows and blossoms, it first develops internally, then outwardly for others. Love is like the many layers of petals, slowly opening more to reveal the intricacies in our hearts.

Thank you my dear Ann for my new pendant. That I may flourish and share the layers of God’s love with others.
In Christ’s love always and forever,

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