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I did some studying last week to find out more about the Scriptural subject of open Heavens, and it led me to send this text message to a few friends this past Friday:

• Bethel, the place where Heaven and Earth meet.
• Where Jacob saw the glory of God and the angels of the Lord ascending and descending. (Genesis 28)
• Where God communicates with man.

Q: Where is Bethel in my life? That I may set there an alter to the Lord and see His glory. He is ready to open Heaven to us!

Below is the touching – and surprisingly unexpected – reply I received back from a friend. (Note: Since I may refer to this friend in further blog posts, we both mutually agreed that his pseudonym will be Huios. Once running from God, like the prodigal son (as most of us have), Huios has indeed made a repentant return to God.)

I have always been fascinated by the form of the cross. Is is when the plane of man (the horizontal), meets the ascendant quality of Heaven (the vertical). When you draw a cross, it goes from left to right, suggesting a journey or a distance made, and from up downward, crossing the man’s plane from his head to his feet… complete and in totality. Where the plane of man and the plane of God intersect is at the heart. It is when my heart is touched by an act that it fills and overflows through every fiber of my being, down to my soul, that to me is my Bethel. This is when I look up and know that God is smiling down at me.

Note: The info in the bullet points from above was from this sermon.

Tract Record

Last November, I went to the Joyce Meyer Conference in Houston and on my way out, there were evangelists handing out tracts. As we walked, my friend was handed a tract. He glanced at it and tucked it away in the front pocket of his Bible cover. I was curious about it, so I asked him  if I could have it. It was a card-style tract with a color illustration on the front and a message on the back. I See Dead People was the title. I studied the illustration, then flipped it over to read the message. After reading it, I noticed a sort of varnish on the paper in the mark of a cross. (Yes, that’s my design terminology.) My friend then said, “Oh, it looks like its been anointed with oil.”

A few days later, in discussing tracts with another friend, she mentioned that she had access to all sorts of tracts and that she could get some for me. I was very excited! With the supply from her, I was going to flier cars! (My way of non-confrontational evangelizing.) Later, my friend mentioned that she only had tracts in foreign languages, so instead, she would make me a tract. In my naiveness, I thought, we can make tracts? “What would you like the tract to say?” she asked. “What do you mean?” I asked in reply. I hadn’t realized that there are actually tracts for all sorts of things like drug addiction, abuse, gambling, etc. I had only seen tracts about going to Heaven and salvation.

In her commitment to keep her word of supplying tracts for my venture, my friend made me tracts. Her extended effort to make the tracts for me was indeed an act of fruitfulness. Not only did I now have tracts to flier cars, but now a seed had been planted in my heart to make the same effort. So, later that month, I wrote my first tract. I didn’t know what I was going to write about, but surely, God provided His words, I sat down in quite one afternoon, and the words simply flowed out. I finessed, printed, cut and they were almost ready!

I prayed over the tracts and started anointing the back of each one with an oil I had just gotten for Christmas a few days earlier. Being new to anointing things, I came to discover that the cross mark I was drawing with the oil was making the paper appear translucent over that area. (Kind of like when you touch paper with super-greasy fingers from french fries or potato chips.) I thought, oh well, so the recipient will plainly see the translucent cross, I certainly wasn’t bothered by that!

The surprise:
After anointing the last tract, I looked at my piles that were now ready for distribution. I was pretty proud of myself and my work! I picked up the last tract and opened it for one last glance over. Looking down towards the bottom, where I drew the cross with the oil, I saw and knew that it was no coincidence — I had drawn the lateral line of the cross right over the word “transformation.” It was perfect I thought! What an added blessing!

I had intended to keep that tract for myself as a keepsake, but instead, I decided to give it to a friend I reconciled with just an hour after I passed out all the tracts I had made.

Whether I hold the tract in my hands or not, I still have memory of it and God’s goodness in what He let me see on the tract and what He’s doing in my life.

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