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Preparing for Granada, Spain: My Missionary Letter

Dear Beloved Friends and Family,

I am excited to share with you that this summer, I will be journeying on my first overseas missionary experience! For twelve days this June, our group of twelve disciples (including me and my friend, Carla – Jesus sent the twelve out two by two, ref. Mark 6:7) will travel throughout the city of Granada in southern Spain to share the amazing love, testimony and power of our Lord Jesus Christ. Some of our key responsibilities will include:

  • Support, encourage and build relationships with the staff and church members of Iglesia Evangélica Bautista de Granada (IEBG),
  • Prayer walks and street evangelism throughout Granada,
  • Minister and serve IEBG’s Gypsy Christian church by leading services, teaching English and helping with their food pantry,
  • Participate/serve in a youth/college weekend retreat.

In addition to the items mentioned above, each person on the team will also have specific responsibilities, making this experience very hands-on and allowing each of us to stretch beyond our comfort levels to serve Christ.

While most mission trips you hear about take place in poverty-stricken remote areas where meeting the physical needs of the people is the primary goal, this missionary journey is mostly focused on helping to meet the spiritual needs of the people, which are found only through Jesus Christ, and to encourage them in their walk as they come to know Christ and follow Him. (Read about religion in Spain.)

As the Spirit leads, I would love to have your support either financially, spiritually, or both. As our church pastor likes to remind us – you are either serving, giving or praying. If you’d like to give a financial gift, any amount will be greatly appreciated. The cost of the trip is $2,500 and covers transportation, lodging and some food expenses. If you are led to support me spiritually though prayer, please pray for unity within the team, for boldness, guidance, and that everything I do is by the grace of God and the leading of the Holy Spirit.

It is an honor to be Jesus’ humble servant for this trip and your love, support and generosity will go a long way in my heart and in the heart of God. Thank you so very much.

With love,
In Christ,

2 Cor. 13:14
May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all.

Instructions for an online financial gift:
Go to: http://www.houstonsfirst.org/missions

  • Click on Mission Opportunities > Give Online (Donate to Mission Trips)
  • From there, you will be directed to the Online Mission Trip Contribution secure page. Choose to either Login and pay OR Pay as guest.
  • Once you get to the payment form, please select your contribution for Spain and direct your gift to Edmee Micheli.

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