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90 Minutes that Change a Life

We don’t often get to choose the ministry in which God leads us to serve His purpose best.

I have known of the book 90 Minutes in Heaven for a few years, but I had never read it. This past week, the book randomly popped into my mind. I mentioned the thought to a friend who promptly informed my that Mr. Piper would be speaking at a close by church this very weekend.

Hmm, is this one of those things that the Lord is trying to tell me and I’m not heeding the signs? I already had plans for the weekend, but His Spirit was apparently leading me elsewhere. After some thought, I decided to buy 90 Minutes in Heaven on audio and I quickly engulfed myself in it.

Based on a true story, Don Piper, after being in a horrific accident and announced dead on the scene by four paramedics, goes to Heaven and ninety minutes later is resuscitated back to life by a pastor friend who prays over his dead body. Today, Don Piper lives to tell his story.

His eye-opening description of heaven and his time of painful recovery ministers to thousands every day. In fact, part of his book focuses on these very testimonies. Mr. Piper had actually died, gone to Heaven and come back – but not by choice. He desperately wanted to go back to Heaven, but God’s direct answer was a clear, “No.” After some time in depression, and then finally accepting his fate (he wasn’t going to die and go to Heaven any time soon), Mr. Piper begins to use his experience as a way to help others through their difficulties. In some cases, he also helps open the gates of Heaven to others (lead them to Christ). His survival through such physical and emotional trauma has given so many a faith and hope of things to come.

Only the Lord knows how many Mr. Piper has guided to faith through his remarkable and one-of-a-kind story. He will indeed be greeted by many when he sees Heaven again, and he will welcome many more through those same luminescent gates he gazed at once before.

From Mr. Piper’s book and experiences, I’ve come to these three main conclusions to reflect upon.

  1. God hears and answers prayers!
  2. God is still in the miracle business!
  3. We don’t often choose our ministry/purpose the Lord has for us.

Is this what the Lord wanted me to hear? Perhaps. Will see as He continues to reveal His purpose for my life.

In love,

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