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I did some studying last week to find out more about the Scriptural subject of open Heavens, and it led me to send this text message to a few friends this past Friday:

• Bethel, the place where Heaven and Earth meet.
• Where Jacob saw the glory of God and the angels of the Lord ascending and descending. (Genesis 28)
• Where God communicates with man.

Q: Where is Bethel in my life? That I may set there an alter to the Lord and see His glory. He is ready to open Heaven to us!

Below is the touching – and surprisingly unexpected – reply I received back from a friend. (Note: Since I may refer to this friend in further blog posts, we both mutually agreed that his pseudonym will be Huios. Once running from God, like the prodigal son (as most of us have), Huios has indeed made a repentant return to God.)

I have always been fascinated by the form of the cross. Is is when the plane of man (the horizontal), meets the ascendant quality of Heaven (the vertical). When you draw a cross, it goes from left to right, suggesting a journey or a distance made, and from up downward, crossing the man’s plane from his head to his feet… complete and in totality. Where the plane of man and the plane of God intersect is at the heart. It is when my heart is touched by an act that it fills and overflows through every fiber of my being, down to my soul, that to me is my Bethel. This is when I look up and know that God is smiling down at me.

Note: The info in the bullet points from above was from this sermon.

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