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Video Views of my Israel Experience

These are a few of my favorite videos that I recorded on my recent tour of Israel on May 2011.

This first video is a view of the Eastern side of the old Jerusalem city walls as our tour guide, Ronnie Cohen, briefs us on the history of Jerusalem.

As we were walking through the Via Dolorosa, behind us, a Spanish group was doing a processional toward Station VIII. This captivated my attention. I felt very emotional as I watched in remembrance of Jesus on his route to Calvary.

May 20, 2011 — As I walk out of Jaffa Gate and into an outdoor mall courtyard area, musicians and Israeli soldiers meet and enjoy a time of music with singing and dancing. During my trip to Israel, I had an inquiring interest of the Israeli soldiers. This was a very candid video as I was caught in the middle of this celebration right before the Sabbath. The soldiers are so young, and they carry their weapons like I would carry my purse.


Here, we stand at the Temple Mount at the Dome of the Spirits. A small, covered area about 5′ in diameter, that is located off to the side away from the Dome of the Rock. The floor there is the bare ground of Mount Moriah. Listen to the description on the video. Pretty amazing!!

Short Words of Jerusalem

Your streets are old
Tainted with the hardness of civilizations
One day grand and beautiful
The apple of David’s eye
A temple being planned
with perfection for the only true God
a place of worship
and holiness
of grandness and awe
no statue was to be set there
only the Holy of Holys
the presence of the all mighty
to later be trampled by the evils of men
His men
without regard they deceive
those who truly bring a sacrifice to worship
but God’s worship cannot be fooled
He sees the evil being done
But don’t you realize
He is God!
How can you do such things?
in His house!
In His holy presence?
Do you have no respect?
No love?
No reverence?
He is the Creator!!!
You trampled on His love
You trampled on His Son
You wanted to serve
Your own selfish desires
and hardened your heart
to God himself
in the very flesh.

They were wrong in their actions
but refused to face them
Jesus is the light
and He shined His light on them
and exposed their wrong
maybe they didn’t understand
it was too deep to comprehend
they were brought out in the open
and they didn’t like it
they didn’t want others to think
that they didn’t know what they were doing
so they retaliated in anger
against Jesus

He calls Himself King
He calls Himself God
He says He has a Kingdom
and that He will destroy the temple
Blasphemy they say
Arrest Him!
Beat Him!
and kill Him!

The greatest punishment they gave him
39 lashes that no man had ever survived
then death by suffocation
on a Roman cross

But little did they know
that when He died
He went to conquer a greater punishment

to Hell He went
in our place
to fight for us
and buy us into His perfect love

You see
despite our hate for God
despite our trampling
despite our accusations
despite our blasphemy against him
despite our disrespect
and rejection of Him
He still loves us!
And He still wants to give
a chance to choose Him
To love Him

His greatest love
was when God came in the flesh
to live among men
and die on a cross
but that’s not the extent of His love
Come to Him and know there is more

So, Jerusalem was trampled on
first by its own
then by outsiders
for what we do not love and respect
others will not love and respect

If a wife disrespects her husband
then the children follow
in the same manner
But if a wife rightfully shows respect to her husband
then the children follow
in the same manner

So I will show my love for Jerusalem
and respect her like I would my husband
I will show my love for God
and I pray that others will follow
in the same manner

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