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Jesus in Every Book of the Bible

Hello Dearly Beloved Friends,

I heard a great message recently by Mrs. Lois Evans (Pastor Tony Evan’s wife). In her message, Lois gave a list of what the Bible says about Jesus in each book of the Old Testament. Since I thought it was such an awesome message, I have put the list together for you (see below). As she started the list and continued on and on, I could feel power behind the words that it gave me the “God bumps” (or goose bumps as some may say). Very cool!

We understand Jesus by what the Word says about Him. Jesus is everything the Word says He is. That’s why we should open our Bible to see that …

In Genesis, Jesus is the breath of life
Exodus says Jesus is the Passover Lamb
in Leviticus, He is our High Priest
Numbers – He is the fire by night
Deuteronomy –  He is Israel’s guide
Joshua – He is salvation’s choice
Judges – He is Israel’s guard
Ruth – He is the Kinsman Redeemer
1 & 2 Samuel – our trusted prophet
Kings & Chronicles – He is sovereign
Ezra – He is true and faithful
Nehemiah – the rebuilder of broken walls and lives
Esther – Mortecai’s courage
Job – the timeless redeemer
Psalms – He is the Morning Star
Proverbs – He is wisdom
Ecclesiastes – the time and season
The Song of Solomon – the lover’s dream
Isaiah – Prince of peace
Jeremiah – weeping prophet
Lamentations – cry for Israel
Ezekiel – the call from sin
Daniel – the stranger in fire
Hosea – He is forever faithful
Joel – the Spirit’s power
Amos – the strong arm that carries
Obadiah – the Lord our Savior
Jonah – the great missionary
Micah – the promise of peace
Nahum – our strength and our shield
Habakkuk & Zephaniah – He brings revival
Haggai – He restores that which was lost
Zechariah – He is the fountain
Malachi – Son of righteousness rising with healing in His wings

Jesus is so good. I still get the “God bumps” when I go through the list. I also found a similar list here with more details. This resource mentions Jesus in every book of the Bible (Old and New Testament). Some are slightly different than what Mrs. Lois spoke, but overall the same.

And, in case you would like more, here is a video link of a boy reciting these same things:

That’s the faith that changes how we pray!! Speak His Word back to Him, His Word is sufficient.

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